[tei-council] FAND faces setback

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Tue Feb 7 09:47:54 EST 2006

Lou Burnard wrote:
> Unfortunately (or not) just removing div0... div7 isn't the end of the
> affair. The content models for body, front, back also need attention,
> not to say radical simplification.
> In the interests of speed and progress, I think what I'm going to do in
> my radical revision of TEILite is to simplify the model a bit...
> Can someone meantime remind me what the proposed "empty class" solution
> was all about?

My memory is that this solution proposed replacing the numbered divs in all
content models with classes.  So instead of allowing div1 you'd allow div1Like
(or whatever).  However, while that class would be created it would have no
members, hence, be 'empty'.

The benefits of this is that unless one specifically adds in numbered divs, then
they do not exist.  However, to add in a numbered div all you need to do is add
an element name to the div1Like class.  Moreover, when you are doing so, you'll
scratch your head and say "If I want to limit sections to be inside chapters,
why am I calling these div1 and div2? Why don't I give them much more sensible
names, like chapter and section?".  And so although you may add elements to
div1Like and div2Like etc., in order to have a content model which constrains
their placement, they will have much more sensible names at least.

Or have I misremembered this suggestion?


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