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Sebastian Rahtz Sebastian.Rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 20 12:31:15 EST 2006

James Cummings wrote:
> I can't think of what such a
> diagram would look like,

no more can I. But I also like the idea
of alternative graphical explanations alongside
the Gibbonesque prose

> 3.4 Elements defined: ____ (Blank).  Are there no elements defined in the tei
> module available to all TEI modules

no. this is correct. I have corrected the XSLT to omit such emptiness

> 3.6.3 All the model.nameLike=notAllowed ... although you have explained
> notAllowed way back in 3.4, it would be really helpful to see the default of
> what should be allowed even if it hasn't been declared at this point.  (i.e.
> what is the point of telling a novice user "model.nameLike = notAllowed" or
> "model.phrase = notAllowed" it isn't really helpful to them.

catered for in revised stylesheets. you now get a list of members

> 3.8 Any benefit in hiving off DTD-specific mechanisms discussion to a separate
> location?

I'd vote against....

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