[tei-council] [AIR] action item report: Epigraphical encoding

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just wanted to add one cent to your report - it happened that I talked to
Hugh Cayless (one of the initial developers of EpiDoc and a really great
guy - he might a wonderful source for you) and he mentioned that there is a
wiki set-up, but not open to the public, at least yet. And as far as i
understand the most active developer at the moment is Gabriel Bodard, at
Kings (?)


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> Dear Council members,
> This is a report about my follow up to section 8.4 of the minutes at
> http://www.tei-c.org.uk/Council/tcm17.xml?style=printable
> I have been looking around to see what people in the epigraphical
> field been doing.  Elli Mylonas pointed me to a number of ressources,
> among other things the EpiDoc group and a mailing list, both run by
> Tom Elliot.  He responded today, after more than a month, that he will
> be following up soon.
> I looked briefly at EpiDoc, which looks like it could use a lot of
> work. On the upside, they came up with Guidelines of their own for
> their user community and some stylesheets to get things going.
> Development seems to be rather slow.   I will work further with them
> and will see if a common base for further development can be found.
> There are some projects, most notably the Aphrodisias project at Kings
> College etc.
> All the best,
> Christian
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