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John Unsworth jmu2m at
Sun Jan 6 13:16:27 EST 2002

The TEI received a two-year grant of $131,705 from the National Endowment 
for the Humanities, Division of Preservation and Access, in May of 
2001.  Because the TEI did not, at that point, have IRS certification as a 
non-profit corporation, the grant is administered at the University of 
Virginia (IRS certification was received in January of 2002).  The workplan 
and budget for that grant appear below, and will be discussed at the 
January 12, 2002 meeting of the TEI Council.


<p><p>Budget and Work-plan Revision for the TEI Consortium project, funded 
under  Research and Demonstration, Preservation and Access, National 
Endowment for the Humanities


Year 1:
1.      Guidelines redone in XML, with XML-compliant examples: one full 
week of work from each of the two editors.  Travel for two editors to one 
(week-long) meeting.  $5,538.46

2.      Develop XSL tools for producing XML and SGML DTDs plus the 
guidelines themselves, replacing P1 Snobol tools.  One month from Lou 
Burnard plus two person-months each from technical staff at Oxford and 
Virginia, and technical participation from the TEI executive 
director.  Travel for all participants to two meetings.  $29,928.33

3.      Guidelines revised to talk about XML, not just SGML, 
throughout.  Two months from each of two TEI editors, and two months from 
technical writer.  No travel.  $14,166.67

Contributed: Survey of library, scholarly, and other representative users 
who use TEI in SGML, collecting of samples of their work, and selection of 
a limited number of projects to participate in the year-two task force on 
SGML to XML migration.

<p>Year 2:
4.      Task Force on SGML to XML conversion of legacy TEI data, in which 
selected TEI experts and editors (8 people, total) work closely with 
representatives from projects with significant TEI SGML holdings (another 
10 people) to diagnose and document the problems, methods, and tools 
necessary to design and effect a migration from SGML to XML, in TEI.  One 
start-up meeting with editors and experts only; one mid-term meeting with 
project representatives; one final meeting with editors and 
experts.  Participation from TEI technical writer for four months, 
participation of TEI editors and executive director for two months. Travel 
to two one-day meetings for 8 people, travel to one two-day meeting for 18 
people.  $67533.33

5.      Specifications for software tools (including a testing suite for 
minimal TEI conformance) in response to results of task 
force.  Specifications generated by TEI editors, travel to one 
meeting.  $6548.46

Salaries & Wagesyearmonthweek
Steven DeRose, Editor80000.006666.671666.67
Lou Burnard, Editor80000.006666.671666.67
Sebastian Rahtz, Consultant80000.006666.671666.67
Tone Merete Bruvik, Executive Director80000.006666.671666.67
Kirk Hastings, Consultant60000.005000.001250.00
Technical Writer60000.005000.001250.00
1) Implementing ED W69 (before ACH/ALLC 2001)NEHCost SharingTotal
Editors, 2 weeks work1666.671666.673333.33
Travel (include. Expences)4000.004000.00
2) XSLT tools for DTD & GuidelinesNEHCost SharingTotal
Lou Burnard, 1 month3333.333333.336666.67
Steven DeRose, non0.000.00
Sebastian Rahtz, 1 months6666.676666.67
Kirk Hastings, 1 month5000.005000.00
Executive Director, 1 week1666.671666.67
Travel (include. Expences)11595.0011595.00
3) Rewriting the GuidelinesNEHCost SharingTotal
Editors, 2 month6666.676666.6713333.33
Technical Writer, 1.5 months7500.007500.00
Project managment
Exec.dir. 1.5 months5000.005000.0010000.00
Subtotal  - first year of the project:53095.0016666.6769761.67

4) Task force beginning in May 2002TravelsDaysNEHCost SharingTotal
5 independent persons, report to Tone Merete Bruvik
1 startup meeting, 5 + 1 + 2 = 8 persons x 1 day8.008.00
1 workshop:  5 + 1 + 2 + 10 = 18 persons x 2 day18.0036.00
1 meeting, 5 + 1 + 2 = 8 persons x 1 day8.008.00
Editors, 1.5 month6666.673333.3310000.00
Executive Director, 1.5 month6666.673333.3310000.00
Technical Writer 3 months15000.0015000.00
5) Redesigning Pizza Chef
Spec. Editors, 1 week1666.671666.67
Travel (include. Expences)4410.004410.00
Project managment
Exec.dir. 1.5 months5000.005000.0010000.00
Subtotal  - second year of the project:78610.0011666.6790276.67

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