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in China would lead to necessary additional investment in the society's
When the colonist suffered harsh winter, lack of fresh water, and the spread of disease made in Jamestown difficult for the settlers. Attacks by the native Indians, hoping that the settlers would give up and leave, raided their camps, stealing pistols, gunpowder, and other necessary supplies. Captain John Smith stepped forward as the leader of the colony when it became apparent that the council of seven was ineffective. He led expeditions into the interior and traded with the Indians for corn. In 1607, Smith and several other colonists left the fort to explore the local area. Unfortunately they ran into an Indian hunting party and were promptly captured by the Indians. Smith was treated kindly and a great feast was prepared in his honor.
In the sports world, Rocky Marciano retained his boxing title. The Cleveland Indians won the A.L. pennant ending the five-year reign of the New York Yankees. Joe DiMaggio wed Marilyn Monroe. The Cleveland Browns defeated the Detroit Lions to win the NFL championship. Also, a new magazine, Sports Illustrated, made its debut in 1954.
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for reported human rights violations. Received on Thu Mar 17 2005 - 01:03:13 EST

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