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From: Jo Freeman <JFRBC_at_CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 10:55:45 EST

I just posted some photographs I took during Shirley Chisholm's 1972 Presidenti
al campaign, along with some of her campaign buttons and a short description of
 her campaign, to my web page at
Some of you may remember that I ran for delegate to the Democratic convention f
rom Illinois First District in order to put her name on the ballot. We stayed
occasionally in touch over the years, and in 2000 she graced the back cover of

I started working on this photoset last fall, aiming to get it up by February i
s Black History Month. Shirley's death on January 1 makes these photos all the
 more timely. Shirley was one of my favorite people, and I'm just sorry that h
er two services were held too far away (Palm Coast FL and Buffalo NY) for me to
 get to either one. I was able to go to the luncheon in her honor held at Broo
klyn College (her alma mater) last September, when the Women's Studies Center w
as renamed in her honor. She was invited of course, but said she was too ill t
o come.

Now in the works are photos taken of the 1995 International Women's Conference
in Beijing and the 2000 Beijng + 5 mini-conference in NYC. I hope to get those
 posted by March is Women's History Month.

I'm also going to post photos taken at the recent counter-inaugural demonstrati
ons in DC. There was more going on on Jan. 20 than I could be at or photograph
. I'm trying to put together a description of as many protests as I can, but i
t's something like a jigsaw puzzel. If anyone was at one of the protests, plea
se write me about what you saw. I would appreciate any information I can get.
 None of the news media captured the complexity and diversity of protests. If
future students and scholars are to know what happened, there needs to be a sou
rce other than what journalists wrote about that day.

Jo Freeman
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