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From: DR. Buba Diop <>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 09:13:42 +0000

From Dr.Buba Diop,
Member, Charity Relief Foundation,
Dakar - Senegal.



I am Dr. Buba Diop, a member of the Board of Directors Charity Relief
foundation {CRF} Agency. We are working for the Provision of relief
materials to all the refugees in the troubled spots in the west African
sub-region, presently we are in Dakar - Senegal where our headquarter is

situated. We are contacting you on this business transaction that you
will act as our beneficiary till the end of the transaction.
My group recently agreed to transfer the sum of nineteen million, seven
hundred thousand United States dollars {us$19.7 million) into a foreign
account for our personal and strong business investment in future.The simple
mode of operation will be just for us to apply for the release of the above stated money
to you, your company will apply for the above amount and serve among the foreign
companies that supplied Welfare materials, as we will arrange all the documented
evidence of the communities and people in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra-Leone and Guinea
Bissau who have benefited from the materials supplied by early last year and
this year.
We have all records of purchasing orders and supplied.The materials supplied are clothing of various kinds,blankets, rice, Soya-beans, milk, sugar, salt, drugs and footwear. We will
prepare an invoice to cover these materials at the cost of $19.7 million on your company's
name to legalize our claim and believe you will stand firm to defend this successful
actualisation of this deal which is your paramount responsibility as a foreign contractor
which we make you to be. We shall forward the invoice to the accountant general of (CRF) and get the entire approval document, which we shall as well send to you to
update your records.My group is very much ready and capable of effecting the remittance of
this into a well secured foreign account (individual or corporate account), owned and operated by someone who talks less and worthy of trust.Please, if you are capable of working on this
project with us and you believe you are trust worthy, you should quickly get in touch through
my email address and also forward the under listed requirements to enable us facilitate and
arrange for the immediate transfer of the fund soonest.
I. full name, age,occupation and nationality
2. Your Company names and address.
3. Bank name and address
4. Account number and account name
5. Your telephone and fax numbers {personal/private}for easy
Certainly your partnership will be rewarded with 25%of the
19.7million.We shall have 70% while 5% will be used to re-imburles both parties for the expenses incurred in the course of consummating this deal. it is important to state here, that no risk of any sort is involved,now or in future. We need just a week to be able to complete this transfer,after getting all the required information from you.
We await your urgent response.

Best regards,

Dr.Buba Diop.
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