Date: Sat Aug 23 2003 - 20:42:01 EDT

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

                    HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL

    This letter may come to you as a surprise but I plead
    with you to patiently read through it before making a
    decision whether to assist me or not.

    I wish to solicit for your assistance in this
    transaction, which I strongly believe, will be of
    mutual benefit to both of us.

    My name is MICHEAL OBIKE, a branch manger of a leading
    bank in South Africa, my colleagues and I wish to seek
    your assistance in the transfer of some huge sum of
    money into a foreign bank account.

    An American national deposited this money in a fixed
    deposit account in the bank, six years ago. The length
    of time for the maturity of the fixed deposit was five
    years, which expired towards the ending of last year.
    Incidentally, MR. JEFF STEVENS, who was the
    beneficiary died in the September 11th bombing of the
    World Trade Center in America, and he left nobody as
    trace-of-kin to claim this money. All efforts made to
    trace any known relations of his proved abortive, and
    no one has written our bank in this regard.

    All modalities for the successful transfer of this
    money into an offshore bank account have been put in
    place and we are looking for a trust worthy foreign
    partner into whose bank account this fund would be
    remitted to and it is this regard that my colleagues
    have mandated me to provide a partner who will assist
    us. We have agreed to compensate you with 25% of the
    total amount if you should accept to assist us.

    If you are interested in giving us the required
    assistance, kindly reply this letter stating your
    Telephone/Fax numbers and ful contact details for further action. Because of the secrecy surrounding this transaction, I suggest
    that you send a fax or mail, until further notices.

    I am looking forward to a favorable reply from you
    soon. Feel free to any question in this regard.
    I remain,

    Yours Faithfully,


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