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    Big Brother for Peace


    By Ryan Anderson O'Donnell
    FrontPageMagazine.com | March 12, 2003

    The group at the forefront of the recent anti-war rallies, International
    A.N.S.W.E.R (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) is in reality a front
    organization designed to further the radical agenda of several extremist
    movements from the political Left. Despite the media's assertions to the
    contrary, present incarnation of the peace movement, led by ANSWER, is
    anything but representative of mainstream America.
    ANSWER's steering committee reads like a "Who's Who" of radical political
    organizations. The most influential member of ANSWER's steering committee,
    Ramsey Clark's pet project known as the International Action Center (IAC),
    is considered by many observers to be little more than a communist front
    organization for an obscure Stalinist organization known as the World
    Workers Party (WWP). Yet, the IAC is not the only member of ANSWER's
    steering committee committed to extremist causes. The Korean Truth
    Commission and Pastors for Peace are staunch allies of Kim Jong Il and
    Fidel Castro, respectively, and both groups continue to support these
    murderous regimes' violation of International law. In addition to its role
    as a front for the support of totalitarian/communist governments in North
    Korea and Cuba, members of ANSWER's steering committee such as the Muslim
    Student Association and the Free Palestine Alliance continue to provide
    ideological, logistical and financial support for organizations devoted to
    the destruction of the state of Israel, including the terrorist group,
    Hamas. A comprehensive investigation of the members of ANSWER's steering
    committee make it clear that the organization is in actuality one of
    Peace's greatest enemies.
    Since its inception in the early nineties, Former Attorney General Ramsey
    Clark's International Action Center has been documented to be a front
    organization for the World Worker's party. While the WWP's history and
    support for murderous regimes and bloody crackdowns on
    communist/totalitarian dissidents has already been extensively documented
    by Front Page Magazine, as well as other several media outlets, through a
    deliberate infiltration strategy in which key WWP operatives have assumed
    high level positions in Clark's organization, the WWP has been able to
    exert tremendous ideological sway over the IAC, and subsequently, ANSWER.
    As noted by Kevin Coogan, a contributor to the Hit List who has extensively
    investigated the WWP-IAC connection, "it is undeniable that without the
    presence of scores of WWP cadre working inside the IAC, the organization,
    for all practical purposes would cease to exist."
    It was Ramsey Clark's seduction by the WWP that marked the beginning of the
    WWP's movement to the forefront of liberal activism. In 1991, the National
    Coalition was born out of the ashes of another WWP front organization known
    as the People's Anti-War Mobilization (PAM). The WWP's role in the creation
    of the National Coalition was immediately made apparent through the
    selection of prominent WWP member Monica Moorehead as the head of the new
    organization. The National Coalition quickly established its headquarters
    in a Manhattan office building adjacent to the offices of Ramsey Clark,
    which was already infested with WWP members. Gavriella Gemma, a WWP and
    National Coalition coordinator, was a legal secretary in Ramsey's office,
    and was allegedly instrumental in bringing Clark into the WWP fold. Clark
    quickly fell under the sway of the WWP, and within months was announced as
    the organization's official spokesman.
    Clark's appointment as National Coalition spokesman marked the beginning of
    his alliance with the WWP, an alliance that resulted in the formation of
    the International Action Center. Workers' World, the official newspaper of
    the WWP announced the creation of the IAC, describing it as a "center of
    international solidarity." However, with Clark as its spokesman, and WWP
    member Sarah Flounders as its coordinator, IAC was clearly designed to be
    the National Coalition's successor as a sanctuary for WWP front groups and
    other affiliated organizations, including the National Coalition to Stop
    U.S Intervention in the Middle East, the Hati Commission, the Campaign to
    Stop Settlements in Palestine, the Commission of Inquiry on the U.S.
    Invasion of Panama, the Movement for a People's Assembly, and the
    International War Crimes Tribunal (Coogan, p. 3). Brian Becker, member of
    the secretariat of the World Workers Party, is now a national co-director
    for the IAC. Other WWP members overtly associated with IAC are Sarah Sloan
    (youth coordinator), Teresa Gutierrez (co-director) and Gloria La Riva
    (correspondent, Workers World.) Of course, IAC WWP members are never
    identified as such at ANSWER rallies. Ostensibly, this lack of WWP
    identification is because their positions at the IAC are to be the focus of
    the rallies. While this may be superficially accurate, one wonders how many
    of the anti-war demonstrators at ANSWER events would be pleased to know
    their time and donations are aiding a group (WWP) that supported the
    Tiananmen Square massacre?
    The IAC's formation of the Korea Truth Commission, another ANSWER steering
    committee member, provides further evidence of WWP's heavy hand in the
    ANSWER coalition. Presumably incorporated to uncover some form of "truth"
    about the Korean War, the KTC has proven itself to be little more than a
    mouthpiece for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), and the
    communist nation's lackeys in the IAC and WWP. Once again, the infamous
    Ramsey Clark is the organizer behind this entire charade. Under guidance of
    Clark's IAC, the KTC has sent eight delegations to the Korean Peninsula in
    order to gather "evidence" of war crimes allegedly committed during the
    Korean War. These fact-finding delegations unsurprisingly included all of
    the usual suspects: Ramsey Clark, Gloria La Riva, and Brian Becker. Most of
    these delegations accomplished little more than finding every excuse to
    vilify the United States, while praising Kim Jong-Il's North Korea. The
    reports filed by these delegations were often short on concrete fact,
    choosing instead to spend pages extolling the virtues of the communist
    regime in the North. For example, the eighth delegation reported back:
    To the visitor, Pyongyang leaves the impression of a clean, modern world
    capital. It is a city of two million people with an efficient public
    transit system, wide, tree-lined streets, and all the cultural amenities,
    hospitals, schools, parks and sports facilities that one would expect to
    find in a large metropolis. Industry has been located on the perimeter of
    the city to avoid the problem of pollution as much as possible^Åthe people
    of Pyongyang present themselves as cultured and purposeful. There is no
    sign of vagrancy or homelessness. Instead of billboards with product
    advertising, the streets are adorned with posters, banners and inscriptions
    exhorting citizens to work together to build a powerful nation.
    Anyone familiar with the Pyongyang regime knows such a glowing
    representation of the city and its government is inaccurate. However, since
    much of the KTC is controlled by Kim Jong-Il's fan club at the WWP and the
    IAC, such misrepresentations should come as little surprise.
    In fact, at the time of this article's publication, the KTC does not even
    have its own website; the IAC has simply devoted a portion of its
    Iacenter.org to information on the KTC. While other organizations are
    active in the KTC, it is clear that Ramsey Clark and the IAC/WWP alliance
    dictate the commission's agenda.
    The KTC's flurry of activity in the late nineties culminated with an
    International War Crimes Tribunal on U.S. Crimes in Korea, a shameless
    travesty that made a mockery of the Tribunal concept. Once again, the WWP
    and IAC's fingerprints were all over the tribunal. Sarah Flounders served
    as the Tribunals co-chair, while Ramsey Clark appointed himself Chief
    prosecutor. Brian Becker was listed as a Tribunal Sponsor, while Sandra
    Smith, Gloria La Riva and Anne Becker all led discussion groups related to
    the tribunal. Unsurprisingly, with the WWP running the show, the tribunal,
    like many of today's anti-war protests, dissolved into an orgy of
    anti-Americanism, with little adherence to its stated purpose, the truth.
    WWP influenced groups like the IAC and the KTC are not the only members of
    ANSWER's steering committee that back rogue dictatorships. Another of
    ANSWER's steering committee members, Pastors for Peace (PFP), is partially
    funded by the ARCA foundation, an organization devoted to supporting
    pro-Castro groups in the United States. In the last decade alone, ARCA has
    granted well over one hundred thousand dollars to PFP. According to PFP,
    these grants go towards humanitarian relief cargo such as medicine,
    computers, and school buses. Of course, PFP fails to note that in Cuba,
    everything is owned by the state. And that Castro is the State. So
    essentially, PFP is using ARCA's grant money to prop up Castro's worker's
    Reports from Cuba indicate that the medicine PFP claims has gone directly
    to the Cuban people is in fact often sold at the government's "foreigners
    only" stores. Since regular Cubans are not allowed to own computers, the
    government immediately seizes the machines. As for the school buses donated
    by PFP to the Cuban people? Cuban refugees have reported these buses are
    now used by the police for raids against anti-Castro dissents.
    Not only do these humanitarian shipments aid Castro, but they are also in
    flagrant violation of US law. Although the 1992 Cuban Democracy act allows
    for private humanitarian donations to Cuba, "appropriate licensing and
    inspection procedures must be met by all donors." PFP has repeatedly failed
    to follow such procedures, as illustrated in a letter composed by a group
    of US Congressmen to the Director of the Office of Foreign Asset controls.
    The letter documents PFP's numerous violations of the Cuban embargo,
    concluding that "Pastors for Peace has publicly and intentionally violated
    the law in an attempt to challenge US policy towards the Castro
    dictatorship. If Pastors for Peace was truly the peaceful humanitarian
    organization which it claims to be, it would not make its travel and
    resources contingent on political posturing, or violently violate the law
    and injure customs officials."
    In its zeal to bolster Castro's Communist cabal, the PFP has even resorted
    to violence in order to defy the Cuban Democracy act. Despite the fact that
    the PFP could ship humanitarian goods to Cuba if licensed under the Trading
    with Enemies Act , the group has consistently sought out confrontation with
    United States authorities. The most violent of these clashes occurred in
    1996 when thirty vehicles carrying two hundred activists and three hundred
    computers was stopped at the Mexican border by US customs officials. PFP
    activists then exited their caravan and attempted to break through the
    blockade. A physical confrontation quickly erupted between the Customs
    officials and the activists, and although PFP profess adherence to
    "non-violent techniques," the melee resulted in serious injuries to four
    customs officials, three of which required hospitalization. A single PFP
    activist received minor injuries.
    PFP has no qualms about placing the health and safety of American citizens
    at risk, as demonstrated by its involvement with "biorat." In July of 2001,
    Customs Officials seized more than thirty pounds of "biorat" from PFP
    activists. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    in Atlanta, "Biorat is not admissible into the United States," because "it
    poses a public health risk worldwide." The report cites a "1996 article in
    the British medical journal Lancet asserting that the product could easily
    cause food-borne disease in people."
    Through his sympathizers like Pastors for Peace, Castro continues to export
    toxins into the U.S. that could harm the American people. The desire of
    Pastors for Peace to smuggle contraband biochemicals into the United States
    needs to be scrutinized carefully, especially as our nation remains on
    alert against biological and chemical terrorism.
    While not directly associated with the WWP or the rogue regimes in North
    Korea and Iraq, two other ANSWER Steering Committee members, the Muslim
    Student Alliance (MSA) and the Free Palestine Alliance (FPA), continue to
    contradict ANSWER's alleged commitment to peace and ending racism. The Free
    Palestine Alliance is an outspoken supporter of the intifada, the
    Palestinian Uprising that has killed thousands of Israelis. Started by the
    Islamic Jihad, the Intifada has been guided by the PLO and strongly
    influenced by terrorist organizations like Hamas, which carry out suicide
    bombings. While the FPA does not overtly endorse the terrorist elements of
    the Intifada, much of the same rancor and anti-Semitism that drives the
    Hamas suicide bombers is on display at FPA events. For example, this past
    April, ANSWER sponsored a Free Palestine Rally, marchers bore signs reading
    " 'Chosen People' : It's Payback Time." The Nation's Liza Featherstone
    reported "Some demonstrators' signs bore swastikas and SS symbols [that
    while] intended to draw parallels between Hitler and Sharon, [could] easily
    [be] construed as pro-Nazi."
    While the FPA's support of the Palestinian Intifada, an uprising that has
    claimed the lives of thousands of Jewish civilians and will continue to
    claim more, is disturbing enough, the Muslim Student Association has
    indirectly contributed to numerous terrorist organizations, including
    Hamas, and perhaps even Al-Qaeda. The MSA has actively solicited donations
    for the Holy Land Foundation.10 Treasury Department Secretary Paul O'Neill
    named the HLF, as well as two Palestinian-based financial organizations, as
    "Hamas operated organizations." President Bush described Hamas as "one of
    the deadliest terrorist organizations in the world today," which seeks the
    total destruction of the State of Israel. Altaf Husain, national president
    of the MSA, said his organization has no plans to stop raising money for
    various groups unless federal authorities crack down. He called suspicions
    about terrorist links post-attack "hype," and said it is up to the
    government to trace the money. "We are as American as anyone else. Why
    should we be the ones looking for all these so-called 'sleeper cells' or
    Mr. Husain's indifference towards aiding terrorist organizations seems to
    have infected many of MSA's student chapters. For example, according to the
    Supreme Islamic Council, "The MSA's Ohio State University chapter produces
    a Web newsletter called MSA News, which has included news releases from the
    Algerian Armed Islamic Group, which is on the State Department list of
    terrorist organizations that Americans are forbidden to support or finance,
    and the Islamic Salvation Front, a fundamentalist party banned in Algeria."
    MSA's terror connections appear to even extend beyond Hamas and into the
    shadowy realm of bin Laden's al-Qaeda terror organization. In 1998, while
    investigating the bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa, the FBI
    recovered diaries maintained by Wadih El Hage, a bin Laden Lieutenant. In
    Mr. El Hage's journals, investigators discovered passages that referred to
    a "joint venture" with the Holy Land Foundation. In addition, Mr. El Hage's
    address book contained the name and phone number of an alleged Hamas figure
    who worked with the HFL, Ghassan Dahduli.14 If the HLF was indeed involved
    with El Hage, then it seems indisputable that some MSA money has gone to
    fund al-Qaeda. Subsequently, a strong argument could be made that members
    of International ANSWER's steering committee indirectly contributed to the
    September 11th attacks that massacred 2,792 women and men. Quite an
    impressive feat, for an organization dedicated to "peace."
    The tolerance for anti-Semitism and violence against Jews that taints the
    MSA and IFA also manifests itself in the WWP. When a WWP delegation, lead
    by Sam Macy and Sue Bailey, traveled to North Korea in April 1992 to attend
    Kim Sung Il's 80th birthday celebration, the group entered into discussions
    with other hardline Communist groups, including an anti-Semitic
    Stalin-worshipping sect called the Russian Communist Workers Party (RCWP)
    (Rossiskaia Kommunisticheskaia Rabochaia Partiia, or RKRP), which emerged
    from the anti-Gorbachev, "anti-revisionist" Movement of Communist
    Initiative in November 1991.
    This contact between the WWP and RCWP continued to intensify after the
    parties left North Korea. "On September 3rd, 1992, WW ran an article by
    Viktor Tyulkin, the group's Secretary of its Central Committee. They
    remained in contact, and on Marcy's 85th birthday Tyulkin sent him a
    "message of solidarity" from the RCWP that was reprinted in the October
    17th, 1996 WW. Tyulkin's comrade Victor Anpilov from the Executive
    Committee of Working Russia also enclosed his own "message of solidarity."
    This is the same Victor Anipilov who co-founded the RCWP and recently
    attacked Boris Yeltsin's presidency as a "Jewish conspiracy."
    Although collaboration and "solidarity" between communist organizations is
    not in itself shocking, much of the RCWP's platform, which tends to mirror
    Anipilov's Yeltsin comments, is. According to the leftist International
    Solidarity with Workers in Russia (Sword-SITR-MCPP) group, the RCWP could
    be best described as "an extremely racist and homophobic party whose
    members worship Stalin, campaign against black people in general and rap
    music in particular, issue material calling for homosexuals to be jailed,
    and published a party document in 1997 that blamed Russia's economic crisis
    on "American imperialism and international Zionism." The group also
    attacked current Russian President Vladimir Putin for being so close to
    "the Jews that he ignores true Russian 'patriots'."
    Despite the RCWP's unabashed anti-Semitic proclamations, the WWP continues
    to allow RCWP members to present their political views in the pages of
    Workers World. By declaring "solidarity" with the RCWP, it can only be
    presumed the WWP sympathizes with the organizations' public statements
    regarding Jews. Rather than condemn their comrades' assertions that Jews
    will be the downfall of Russia, the WWP has chosen to remain silent.
    Further illustrating their sympathy towards anti-Semites, ANSWER's
    organizers, many of whom are documented members of the WWP, have frequently
    refused to let devoted political leftists and peace advocates speak at
    rallies if they hold a pro-Israel position. The most celebrated of these
    incidents occurred when Rabbi Michael Lerner was barred from speaking at a
    recent IAC anti-war rally in San Francisco. Yet, at its January march in
    Washington, ANSWER "handed a microphone to Abdul Malim Musa, a Muslim
    cleric who on October 31, 2001 appeared at a news conference at the
    National Press Club with other Muslim activists and members of the New
    Black Panther Party, 'where speakers asserted that Israel had launched the
    9/11 attacks and that thousands of Jews had been warned that day not to go
    to work at the World Trade Center.' At that press conference, Musa blasted
    the 'Zionists in Hollywood, the Zionists in New York, and the Zionists in
    D.C.' who 'all collaborate' to put down blacks and Muslims."
    ANSWER's connection to anti-Semites extends even to Ramsey Clark, the head
    of IAC and a leader of the new anti-war coalition. As an attorney, Clark
    has taken it upon himself to represent several clients primarily
    characterized by their intense hatred of Jews. In 1989, Clark represented
    Lyndon Larouche, who by the late 1970's embraced far-right anti-Semitism
    and Holocaust denial. Despite Larouche's documented history of
    anti-Semitism, Clark expressed 'amazement' at the personal 'vilification'
    directed at Larouche throughout the trial. Clark also represented PLO
    leaders in a suit brought by the family of Leon Klinghoffer, the elderly
    vacationer who was shot and thrown overboard from the hijacked Achille
    Lauro cruise-ship by renegade Palestinian terrorists in 1986. Another Clark
    client was Karl Linnas, an ex-Nazi concentration camp guard in Estonia
    (where he had overseen the murder of some 12,000 resistance fighters and
    Jews), who was being deported from the US to the USSR to face war crimes
    charges. Clark again lost the case but again went to bat for his client in
    the public arena, questioning the need to prosecute Nazis "forty years
    after some god-awful crime they're alleged to have committed."
    It is not troubling that Clark defended these anti-Semitic thugs; our
    nation guarantees every man and woman the right to an attorney. However,
    there is clearly something highly questionable about a man, especially one
    with Clark's profile, who makes an effort to publicly defend Nazis and
    anti-Semites after their trial has been concluded. However, in light of
    IAC's connection with the WWP, an organization that in the past had been
    vehemently opposed to the state of Israel and, most importantly, supported
    the RCWP, Clark's comments immediately assume a far more nefarious context.
    Taken one example at a time, each of the facts presented concerning the
    activities of ANSWER's steering committee would not be sufficient to indict
    the organization as a whole. However, even a brief study of some of
    ANSWER's steering committee members reveals a pattern of support for
    governments, extremist organizations and radical individuals whose goals
    contradict ANSWER's stated purpose of stopping war and ending racism.
    Unfortunately, the mainstream media has shown little inclination to
    investigate the organizations supporting ANSWER, and thus the vast majority
    of ANSWER's supporters have no understanding of the group's true origins.
    As conflict with Iraq, due to Hussein's continued lack of compliance with
    UN Resolution 1441, becomes inevitable, it is likely ANSWER will double its
    efforts to infiltrate mainstream America's political consciousness.
    Therefore, our citizenry must remain vigilant against these front
    organizations efforts to wrap their poisonous agenda in the banner of peace
    and brotherhood. After all, the greatest trick the Devil ever played was
    convincing man he never existed.
    Ryan O'Donnell is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross. He currently
    resides in Washington DC, where he is at work on his first novel. Please
    visit him at http://www.RyanODonnell.com or email him at raodonne@hotmail.com

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