[sixties-l] Re: peace demo, antisemitism, etc.

Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 21:24:30 EST

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    I think we better go with Stew on this: we need to be at our most inclusive
    and forgiving best right now. If the ANSWER people wanted to keep Lerner off
    the speaker's in SF this past Sunday 'cause he'd said they were too
    anti-Israel or whatever, and if the Nation said they etc., and so on--then,
    as Lerner himself said, the thing is to march, w/ or w/o ANSWER's mishegosh,
    anyhow. As Dave McReynolds and otehrs have pointed out, ANSWER and Not in our
    Name have done the organizing work for quite awhile this past year or so, and
    whatever their agendas, we can work with them for ours. And ours has to be to
    get the extreme right out of power before WWIII and/or more fascist movement

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