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Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 16:53:28 EST

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    From: Suzaan Boettger <suzaanboettger@earthlink.net>
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    Subject: post?

    Editor of Sixties list:

    I used to participate in the Sixties list, and somehow got disconnected to
    it -- probably engrossed in writing. I now don't know how to post a message
    on it -- can you help? I found the list again through a Google of my own
    name, and my posting to the list.

    What I am seeking is information on obtaining a mailing list of street
    addresses of people who do research in, or are otherwise interested in, the
    Sixties. Probably many on your list have published books on the Sixties --
    how did they get names and addresses to send an announcement of the book?

    I want to announce the publication of a book that I researched and wrote
    over the course of a decade, 'Earthworks: Art and the Landscape of the
    Sixties,' University of California Press.
    http://www.ucpress.edu/books/pages/8784.html Historian David Farber was an
    enthusiastic blurb-er. 'Earthworks' makes links between the art of the
    sixties and the social/political milieu, and uncovers the latent meanings of
    this earliest form of contemporary environmental art.

    Thank you,

    Suzaan Boettger

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