Re: [sixties-l] Republican and Yippies are coming to New York (fwd)

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Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 18:00:13 EST

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        I don't know if you bother to glance at the sig tab on my posts, but
    I changed it after the Homeland Security Act was passed to place
    emphasis on the need to do exactly what this post of yours is about. I
    am not talking about the Republican Convention or particular tactics,
    but the need to safeguards our rights to do whatever we think best.
                                            Berkeley Bill wrote:
    > In a message dated 1/27/03 7:39:55 PM, writes:
    > << You don't give yourself, and your Chicago buddies of 1968, enough
    > credit. It was the Sixties resistance in all its forms, including Martin
    > Luther King at the far extreme from you, that reinforced in the American
    > mind the notion that this has got to remain a free country. >>
    > Berkeley Bill
    > Aside from my little family, the contribution I and my pals made to American
    > democracy is the great source of accomplishment and pride that I have. But
    > the Bush Gangsters believe that what was created in the Sixties can now be
    > destroyed. They certainly are targeting the culture of dissent and resistance
    > that you and I helped create. With their Draconian new laws and their new
    > scapegoat (domestic Moslems) they are on the offensive. I believe the
    > Republican Convention will be a major event in their antidemocratic agenda. I
    > also believe we can defeat them and come out stronger but we are going to
    > have to be at our most creative, inventive and unsectarian best.--Stew
    > Stew Albert
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    > Stew Albert's Yippie Reading Room


    ======================================================== My autobiography, SAYING NO TO POWER (Introduction by Howard Zinn), includes 200 pages on the Truman-McCarthy era, 1946-1960. I was called before all three witch hunt committees. Those pages describe how we nullified the laws of that day corresponding to the PATRIOT ACT and HOMELAND SECURITY operations today. You may hear/see my testimony before the witch hunters (used in six films and a play) on my website, The book is available through all normal sources. For an autographed copy, send me $24 at 4466 View Pl.,#106, Oakland, CA. 94611 ========================================================

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