[sixties-l] Good Oil Boys

From: Jim Retherford (jreth@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: Fri Jan 31 2003 - 15:09:19 EST

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    FYI: Austin's local PBS affiliate KUT has asked for listeners'
    opinions regarding the Bush administration's Iraq policy. This was my
    response. --jr

    George W. Bush and his clique of good-oil-boy champions of America
    über alles constitute the only really credible threat to world peace
    and stability at the present time. Driven by bloodlust for the vast
    oil reserves in Iraq and its neighbors, the Bush team
    opportunistically dissembles, deceives, and inflames deep-rooted
    ignorance and prejudice in order to advance its imperialistic
    ambitions while trying to isolate and/or neutralize opposition here
    and throughout the world.

    "War with Iraq" works as a multipurpose smoke-and-mirrors device to
    deflect our attention from the Bush administration's serious
    credibility problems. First of all, George W. Bush has the ongoing
    problem of convincing people here and abroad that he really is the
    President of the United States, not some dull-witted happy-face
    pitchman for a right-wing presidential coup. Secondly, George W. Bush
    seems to be hypersensitive to the lingering whispers about his
    father's failure to remove Saddam Hussein during the last war with
    Iraq. Thirdly, Bush is commander-in-chief of the world's most
    powerful and scientific military yet has failed to capture Osama bin
    Laden and/or eradicate the al Queda infrastructure and/or bring peace
    and stability to Afghanistan. Fourthly, the Bush team has botched all
    attempts to restart a national economy that is in apparent freefall.
    Now the administration is faced with the task of "selling" future
    generations to a "way of life" demanding greater personal sacrifices,
    higher costs and taxes, lower wages, and a greatly diminished
    standard of living as the price for "homeland security" (though
    reason might suggest the nation's best "homeland security" might be a
    truly fair, even-handed Middle East policy at a relative cost of
    almost nothing to American taxpayers). Finally, the White House must
    cover up recent foreign policy blunders in Korea, Palestine, Iran,
    Venezuela, and who knows where else.

    One cannot look deeply into the current situation -- i.e., try to
    understand its extraordinary historical nuances dating back some 900
    years -- without seeing the emerging implication that the Washington
    regime has domination of the world oil market at the top of its
    private agenda. With this realization, one must also confront the
    terrible possibility that a U.S.-sponsored armed crusade against
    Islamic peoples and cultures to gratify this avarice for oil could
    too easily trigger World War III, an event which suggests an even
    more horrifying possibility: a real "war to end all wars" in which
    our planet is transformed into a smoldering wasteland for the next
    several million years.

    Saddam Hussein is a bad guy...no argument here. But the Bush
    administration has offered nothing to show that Saddam poses any
    viable threat beyond Iraq's borders (unless, of course, he is
    attacked). He is even less a threat with U.N. weapons inspectors and
    CIA covert ops roaming the Iraqi countryside, peeking under rocks and
    behind closed doors. On the other hand, the
    Bush-Chaney-Rumsfeld-Ashcroft cabal threaten to pour gasoline on
    flames already burning in the Middle East, bully our historical
    allies in Europe with the spectre of a U.S.-Britain-controlled world
    oil market, and blithely trump the nuclear card in the Far East. This
    constitutes, in my thinking, a REAL threat to world peace and

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