[sixties-l] Re: [SNCC] National Women's Conference -- Houston 1977

From: Joanne P Gavin (wordswordjeandarc@juno.com)
Date: Tue Dec 31 2002 - 03:29:20 EST

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            I hope you got some of when the YAWF (Youth Against War and Fascism)
    women who, on the steps of the convention center, took on the Klan (one
    of whom opened his jacket to show an HPD badge) which was having an
    anti-lesbian demo, and after one of our African members from Buffalo had
    been insulted by them, or inside when we refused to sell literature to
    the Eagle Forum antifeminists who wanted to buy it only to destroy it,
    and one of them had a conniption fit over that. Or the excellent
    non-mainstream resolutions proposses by some of the third world women....
     All was not sweetness and light at that conference....

            I'll pass on the web info to an associate here who has web access.


    On Sat, 16 Nov 2002 18:29:03 -0500 Jo Freeman <jfrbc@cunyvm.cuny.edu>
    >Twenty five years ago over 20,000 people gathered in Houston, Texas
    >celebrate International Women's Year and identify goals for women for
    >the next decade. This was the first and only national women's
    >to be sponsored by the federal government.
    >I was a delegate to this confernce from New York State and took a lot
    >photos. I've posted a selection to my web page. You can view them
    >Hope this brings back memories for some of you, and informs others on
    >what you missed.
    >Jo Freeman
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