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From: Joanne P Gavin (wordswordjeandarc@juno.com)
Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 20:39:15 EST

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    This correction to my posting, from a friend who was closer to the action
    than I was at the time...


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    Joanne, As I recall, the Klan demo was not anti lesbian, but against the
    whole conference. Their lead banner said something like down with
    communists, dikes and somethingorother. And yes, I do know how to spell
    dyke, but they didn't. The comrade attacked was Elaine from Boston. She
    and I wrapped one of the scumbags tightly in our YAWF banner so that he
    immobilized! Several women had to go to the hospital but we did succeed
    sending them running away.

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    > Jo,
    > I hope you got some of when the YAWF (Youth Against War and Fascism)
    > women who, on the steps of the convention center, took on the Klan
    > of whom opened his jacket to show an HPD badge) which was having an
    > anti-lesbian demo, and after one of our African members from Buffalo
    > been insulted by them, or inside when we refused to sell literature to
    > the Eagle Forum antifeminists who wanted to buy it only to destroy it,
    > and one of them had a conniption fit over that. Or the excellent
    > non-mainstream resolutions proposses by some of the third world
    > All was not sweetness and light at that conference....
    > I'll pass on the web info to an associate here who has web access.
    > Joanne
    > On Sat, 16 Nov 2002 18:29:03 -0500 Jo Freeman <jfrbc@cunyvm.cuny.edu>
    > writes:
    > >Twenty five years ago over 20,000 people gathered in Houston, Texas
    > >to
    > >celebrate International Women's Year and identify goals for women for
    > >the next decade. This was the first and only national women's
    > >conference
    > >to be sponsored by the federal government.
    > >
    > >I was a delegate to this confernce from New York State and took a lot
    > >of
    > >photos. I've posted a selection to my web page. You can view them
    > >at:
    > >http://www.jofreeman.com/photos/IWY1977.html
    > >
    > >Hope this brings back memories for some of you, and informs others on
    > >what you missed.
    > >
    > >Jo Freeman
    > >http://www.JoFreeman.com
    > >http://www.seniorwomen.com/authorpageFreeman.html

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