[sixties-l] The U.S. Companies Behind Iraq's Weapons Program--exclusive interview with Die Tageszeitung journalist on today's Democracy Now!

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Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 04:17:05 EST

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    Seven years ago I contacted Congress rep D. Riegle of Michigan who had headed
    an investigation of US corporate sales to Iraq. He sent me a summary of the
    hearings, in which were listed some of the biological agents shipped by US
    corporations to Iraq, with George H.W. Bush's approval as head of the CIA and
    later as Vice President under Ronald Reagan.

    These included anthrax, brucellosis, gas gangrene, and toxic varieties of
    E.Coli and Salmonella bacteria.

    I do not recall seeing West Nile Virus on that list, although some officials
    have recently inserted it there.

    Now, the White House is using the excuse of the existence of these biological
    agents, which Bush SOLD TO IRAQ, to bomb the hell out of them, and to
    inoculate 500,000 US troops with experimental, genetically engineered anthrax
    and smallpox vaccines.

    In addition, uniforms were soaked in Permethrin pesticide, and soldiers (as
    well as civilians on the ground) were subjected to aerosalized depleted
    uranium. All contributed to Gulf War Syndrome, which has affected tens of
    thousands of US veterans. I wrote about this in numerous green and leftist
    journals, including Synthesis/Regeneration, Fifth Estate, Green Politics, Z
    magazine, and elsewhere.

    Now, Iraq releases its report to the UN, which the US literally stole and
    distributed heavily censored copies. Over 9,000 of the 12,000 pages in the
    report were deleted by the United States before distributing to non-Permanent
    members of the UN.

    But did they really think they could keep such a report secret? Certainly,
    Iraq would have put the report onto computer disks, which could be made
    available via email DIRECTLY to anyone who wanted it. So why would the US go
    to such great lengths to censor it? Did they think no one would notice?

    Well, someone has, and now a reporter from Germany has further documented the
    evidence of massive US collusion with Saddam Hussein in sending biological
    material as well as nuclear weapons materiel and assistance to Iraq. Please
    read the story below.

    If the US officials are, like Bush, not really as stupid as they appear
    (obvious attempts at censorship), what game are they playing. Of course, the
    possibility is that they really ARE that stupid -- and dangerous.

    One note: Germany will be entering the Security Council with four other
    countries as part of the non-Permanent members contingent, on January 1 for
    the next two years. German companies feature heavily in the sale of chemical
    weapons to Iraq. The pressure will be on Germany to go along with US pressure
    to bomb. So it is interesting that this article first appeared in a leading
    German progressive daily newspaper, before it was featured Wednesday on
    Democracy Now.

    - Mitchel Cohen

    *** A Democracy Now! exclusive ***

    Top-secret Iraq Report Reveals U.S. Corporations, Gov't Agencies and
    Nuclear Labs Helped Illegally Arm Iraq

    Hewlett Packard, Dupont, Honeywell and other major U.S. corporations,
    as well as governmental agencies including the Department of Defense
    and the nation's nuclear labs, all illegally helped Iraq to build its
    biological, chemical and nuclear weapons programs.

    On Wednesday, December 18, Geneva-based reporter Andreas Zumach broke
    the story on the US national listener-sponsored radio and television
    show "Democracy Now!" Zumach's Berlin-based paper Die Tageszeitung
    plans to soon publish a full list of companies and nations who have
    aided Iraq. The paper first reported on Tuesday that German and U.S.
    companies had extensive ties to Iraq but didn't list names.

    Zumach obtained top-secret portions of Iraq's 12,000-page weapons
    declaration that the US had redacted from the version made available
    to the non-permanent members of the UN Security Council.

    "We have 24 major U.S. companies listed in the report who gave very
    substantial support especially to the biological weapons program but
    also to the missile and nuclear weapons program," Zumach said.
    "Pretty much everything was illegal in the case of nuclear and
    biological weapons. Every form of cooperation and suppliesS<caron> was
    outlawed in the 1970s."

    The list of U.S. corporations listed in Iraq's report include Hewlett
    Packard, DuPont, Honeywell, Rockwell, Tectronics, Bechtel,
    International Computer Systems, Unisys, Sperry and TI Coating.

    Zumach also said the U.S. Departments of Energy, Defense, Commerce,
    and Agriculture quietly helped arm Iraq. U.S. government nuclear
    weapons laboratories Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos and Sandia
    trained traveling Iraqi nuclear scientists and gave non-fissile
    material for construction of a nuclear bomb.

    "There has never been this kind of comprehensive layout and listing
    like we have now in the Iraqi report to the Security Council so this
    is quite new and this is especially new for the U.S. involvement,
    which has been even more suppressed in the public domain and the U.S.
    population," Zumach said.

    The names of companies were supposed to be top secret. Two weeks ago
    Iraq provided two copies of its full 12,000-page report, one to the
    International Atomic Energy Agency in Geneva, and one to the United
    Nations in New York. Zumach said the U.S. broke an agreement of the
    Security Council and blackmailed Colombia, which at the time was
    presiding over the Council, to take possession of the UN's only copy.
    The U.S. then proceeded to make copies of the report for the other
    four permanent Security Council nations, Britain, France, Russia and
    China. Only yesterday did the remaining members of the Security
    Council receive their copies. By then, all references to foreign
    companies had been removed.

    According to Zumach, only Germany had more business ties to Iraq than
    the U.S. As many as 80 German companies are also listed in Iraq's
    report. The paper reported that some German companies continued to do
    business with Iraq until last year.

    Democracy Now! has published translations of Andreas Zumach's
    articles from Die Tageszeitung at
    http://www.democracynow.org/Zumach.htm .

    Democracy Now!'s interview with Andreas Zumach is archived online
    (link at http://www.democracynow.org/Zumach.htm).

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