[sixties-l] Why we have to protect the Freedom of Information Act

From: drieux (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Date: Thu Nov 28 2002 - 17:24:10 EST

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    On Thursday, Nov 28, 2002, at 14:08 US/Pacific, rowdyh wrote:

    > Nice cut and paste. So typical of baby boomer draft dodgers to hide
    > from the argument. You have no clear argument...only
    > partisanship....you are Tom Delay...yet another baby boomer draft
    > dodger. I posted a quite extensive argument and you decide to only
    > respond to the your edited part of my post. Typical baby boomer
    > nonsense.  Dont pay attention to the elephant in the living room when
    > your ideology allows you to ignore it. You suck

    you know technically this kid is right.

    I have a DD214, and an honorable discharge from the united states armed
    forces, so yeah, I guess I did 'dodge the draft' - sorta like Al Gore.

    But the real reason we need to defend the freedom of information act is
    to collectively simplify the lives of those of us who did our duty for
    of national security. If it's really all that important for folks to
    want to know,
    they should be able to simply file the freaking forms and get what ever
    is the official story the US Government believes is releasable at this

    I can appreciate that so many folks who are not sure why they never
    stepped up to the plate to do their duty are working hard on keeping
    it hidden that they were in college, or having a bad hair day, or what
    Fine, cool, privacy..... But it sure makes life a whole lot simpler
    when all
    one has to do is say

            File the Freaking FOIA

    and let them do the paper chase. At the time I really did not care to
    take 'notes' about it all. Things were a little bizzy back then. What
    communists trying to kill me, Fascist Police State, real ones, not the
    delusional "got caught smoking in the bathroom" types of so many
    'alleged radicals' , trying to take me down , it just was not the time
    be worrying about making sure that it was all appropriately

    as I note in


    the quality of the 'the almost like the new right' has just completely
    gone down hill when it comes to doing even the most preliminary
    analysis and trying to organize a death threat. I mean if they can't
    even do their homework on who served and who did not, how in god's
    green apples are they going to be able to do the whole big heavy
    lifting to work out where the extraction team is going to be, how
    to get the shooter in, you know, that sense of Pride and Professionalism
    that use to be a part of being a member of a 'right wing paramilitarist'
    or 'radical armed extremist' group....

    Do we blame this on MTV? The decline in Public Education? What????

    Or have things just complete gone to the dogs....


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