[sixties-l] Fwd: What if Harry Potter doesn't know squat about the jacksonian heritage?

From: drieux (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Date: Thu Nov 28 2002 - 12:43:03 EST

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    In case anyone is interested in debating if we
    actually 'learned' anything from 'the sixties'
    and the 'vietnam era' and the current set of
    issues that are in play today.

    I originally sent this to a veteran's group mailing list in
    which there was some 'unresolved' questions about the policies
    of 'dissing the president' - given previous constraints about
    whining about Clinton that the list owner was concerned about
    during the previous administration.

    >> I find the complete lack of respect for the office of the president
    >> shown on
    >> this list to be disgusting. And quite a contrast to the list's policy
    >> during the last administration headed by a man who disgraced his
    >> office and
    >> the White House.
    > You will have to help me out here.
    > In what way is this an issue about 'the office of the president'?
    > From what I have seen so far, the attacks have been
    > on the lack of an actual policy position of any
    > clarity or coherence coming out of the "office". As such
    > this is not about 'attacking the man' as it seems to be
    > about attacking a complete lack of 'moral character' with
    > respect to the policies of the 'government'.
    > I can appreciate that those who hated 'policy by poll numbers'
    > are perchance a bit confused by the current process of having
    > the 'policy debates' conducted in the press by 'insider leaks'
    > so that the administration can send out their trial ballons
    > and see which way the wind blows.
    > Allow me to offer four URL's and we can resolve who is on
    > the side of which:
    > http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A48812-2002Nov27.html
    >  http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/nj/taylor2002-11-26.htm
    > http://www.nytimes.com/2002/11/19/opinion/19KRUG.html
    > http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A43694-2002Nov26.html
    > IF we assume that Ashcroft is actually opposed to the creation
    > of a new special domestic spying organization - is his opposition
    > to the process a part of the clear 'lack of respect' for the
    > 'office of the president'????
    > Or is the fact that the liberal media's coverage of the OBVIOUS
    > part of Karl Rove's Efforts to sell the current president as the
    > next Andrew Jackson, well, a bit stilted, in the fact that they
    > are not addressing the clear problems of
    > Worcester vs. Georgia
    > in which Jackson allowed the US Supreme Court ruling to langish
    > unenforced, so that He could move the Cherokee off of their native
    > lands and hence hand those lands over to the Great Plantation Owners
    > as the true 'pay back' for their loyalty to the Party.
    > I drop this all into play since most americans who 'survived'
    > the 'vietnam era' have still very unresolved open issues with
    > whether or not they openly support the government blindly, since
    > of course the government alone knows... Or is it possible to
    > still sit in opposition to the Government Policies, a tradition
    > that goes back to Davy Crockett who OPPOSED Jackson on his
    > policy of forced internment.
    > Some here of course recall that the american civil service
    > system came into existance to END the Jacksonian policies
    > of Patronage, and were a part of the complications of the
    > vietnam era as to whether or not allowing federal employee's
    > to 'unionize' was merely a 'democratic' effort to return
    > to their sinister roots of Jacksonian Patronage. Others of
    > course would be obliged to wander down the problems of the
    > whole 'revolving door' of the Military-Industrial-InfoTainment
    > Industry and how the PuzzlePalace Wonders were rotating out of
    > their billets as Panderers of the Pentagon to Congress, into
    > the more lucrative jobs as Panderers of "Defense Establishment
    > firms" to the Pentagon...
    > We might likewise discuss the 'cultural crisis' level of the
    > problems that some americans had with the whole 'civil rights'
    > issues of the 'vietnam era' - and the obvious problems of J.Edger
    > Hoover
    > getting a bit out of hand with 'domestic survaillance' that was the
    > very root of the FISA to begin with. Some of course blame Nixon,
    > and his decision to use CIA assets to do the Watergate Break-In
    > and other domestic politcal partisan politicing - but we all of
    > course normally list that under Nixon's DEEP FONDNESS for the
    > wonders of Jacksonianism... All of which also spun out the
    > Church Committee and the rest of the evil encroachment on the
    > power and pomposity of the Executive.
    > But of course since the 2000 campaign season was all about
    > preventing the "manchurian candidate" McCain from getting the
    > GOP nod - we all of course know that the current administration
    > hopes most folks have 'gotten over' the whole "vietnam era"
    > thing, and are ready to get on back down the road to those
    > happier and kinder days of the fifties when everyone so openly
    > trusted the administration.... Because, well, we were in a
    > Cold War with the Forces of Evil, and there were Evil Doers
    > and their Fellow Travelors Everywhere....
    > I would of course love to draw the parrallel's between the
    > economic policies that ran rampant in the vietnam era and
    > the current crisis in the administration, but there is the
    > small problem of developing an argument from silence. All
    > we know so far is that the Current Administration has all
    > but Gutted the SEC, we are now adrift without any form of
    > corporate governance regulation at the federal level - and
    > this could be a policy of 'privatizing' that portion of
    > the government, or hoping that the states will step in
    > and provide the required level of 'consumer protection'
    > if they believe in such things.... But it is not yet
    > clear that this is really an actual 'policy' or merely the
    > fall of the cards and a 'complication' that the current
    > administration has not yet seen the poll numbers as to
    > wether they should have a policy more complicated than
    > the Karl Rove Survay Says Show....
    > Or am I merely pointing out the Obvious bits?



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