[sixties-l] Abbie Hoffman on payroll of NYC

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    I have the copy of Fuck the System that Abbie produced. It was a hit when it
    came out. I also shot photographs of the grafitti on the walls of the
    store front that the city helped pay for. The photos are great as they remind
    us of the social issues of the time, they talk of diseases, drugs, TPF (
    The tactical police force) magic mushrooms, and the war in vietnam. There
    was a washing machine , sewing machine for anyone to use.
    My best, Roz Payne

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    In 1967 the Hoffman's did have some dealings with Mayor Lindsay et al. Abbie
    tried to represent the lower east side hippies to the Mayor's office. It was
    a brief relationship. What came out of it? I remember the city paid for a
    pamphlet that Abbie wrote called "Fuck The System." (Ah, what a time.) It was
    aimed at teaching young people to survive on the street. It was in some way a
    modest forerunner to Abbie's "Steal This Book."
    - --Stew Albert>>>

    <<< Abbie Hoffman on the City Payroll?
    Abbie worked with an anti-poverty group called the East Side Service =
    Organization (ESSO). It was formed to provide social services for the =
    very young hippie dropouts then descending upon the Lower East Side =
    (East Village). Some of the people, working with youth issues were =
    impressed by Abbie's organizing ability, and Abbie, himself, knew how to =
    cultivate the press.>>

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    > I've run across several sources that mention that Abbie and Anita
    > worked briefly as liaisons between Mayor Lindsay and the Lower East =
    > Does anyone know anything about how this came about, what it =
    accomplished, etc?

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