[sixties-l] How Far we have not moved from the sixties anti-war protests ???

From: drieux (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 15:16:36 EST

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    I was up in SF this weekend to visit with friends, some of whom
    opted to attend one of the anti-war protests this weekend - and
    opted to fall in with the vets against the war - per their cultural
    alignment in the matter.

    What of course I keep finding amusingly ironic and a principle
    part of why I enjoy 'staying true to my school' was the giggle
    that the vets had queued themselves up to follow behind the
    'bare bums for peace' or what ever that nudist like group was all about.

    So while so many are currently angst laden about the dark evil of
    the impending WarWithSomeOneSomeWhere - assuming of course that this
    administration ever decides if they have what it takes to do what they
    I fear that the problem is really not half as horrific as everyone seems
    to keep wanting to make it out. The fact that while it was politically
    correct to pump the Military-Industrial-Info-tainment Complex with the
    hopes of being able to continue putting buffy and muffy through school
    with more bucks for the StarWarsLite Programme during the 'campaign
    and that pre-Revelation period, the reality at implementation time
    as we expected. The 'vast right wing religous conspiracy' has had its
    moment of getting all huffy about the Munich Style Appeasement of the
    EvilClintonAdministration - and the administration, for reasons still
    not being fully and appropriately clarified, has not been able to send
    the Marines to Save the World from the Threat of North Korean Nuclear
    raining like confetti all over the world.

    While as some are also slowly noticing, that even though it was really
    tough talk when the last class of West Point Cadet's Passed in Review
    for the last time as they were going to be spanking fresh
    new ShaveTail's for TopKick's to clean up and turn into officers. It is
    now fall, and that the "weeks not months" has turned out to be
    months... And
    the Patriotically Correct just have not had what it takes to step up
    to the mike and say,

            "Hey Dude, Where's My War?"

    But at least the veteran's community understands what really IS
    important in life.

            "Fighting For Peace,
                    is like Fucking for Virginity."

    and damn it all we're going to get our Piece this Time....

    I mean the Bushies and the Limbiots, and the Gingrichites, and the
    watchers, who space out that O'Reilly opted for a 2-S deferment in lieu
    doing his time 'in country'.... well, maybe this time we get what they
    meant by that whole

            "Piece in Our Time!"

    waving of paper.... It's just that this time, we have the DD214's and
    maybe they'll get a chance to get on the big bus before us... Assuming
    that any of their rhetoric is more than merely Stumping the Campaign
    Trail like a Corporate Clear Cutting Regime bent only upon ending
    the habitat for spotted owls...

    "And it's one two three,
            what are we extendedly talking about the possibility of the
                    viable contextual frame work for the full on use of military
                            force to implement a need to have a policy to prevent Evil...

    Don't Ask me, I don't give a Damn,
            next stop is some place with more Media Pundits Plagarising from
                    history in lieu of pausing long enough to actually doing their
                            own homework about the actual alignment of geo-political forces..."



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