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    100,000 Communists March On Washington
    To Give Aid and Comfort to Saddam Hussein


    By David Horowitz
    FrontPageMagazine.com | October 28, 2002

    In politics it is important to call things by their right names. Otherwise
    you are fooling
    yourself with other people's propaganda. The press is reporting Saturday's
    "Stop the
    War" demonstration in Washington as though it was a peace march. Of course
    it was no
    such thing. It was a regrouping of the Communist left, the same left that
    supported Stalin
    and Mao and Ho. Indeed, this Communist left, organized by Ramsey Clark and his
    cohorts even supports Slobodan Milosevic, and of course Saddam Hussein.
    They are
    not pacifists and they are not peaceniks. They are anti-American radicals
    whose dream
    is a Communist revolution in America but whose immediate agenda is to force
    defeat in the war with terror we are now in.
    Even the signs saying "Jobs Not War" are telltale signs of their Communist
    roots. (And
    of course this does not mean that the Communist Party itself organized the
    march ----
    although it supported it. That was done by the Workers World Party, a
    Marxist revolutionary organization.) "Peace, Jobs and Democracy" was the
    slogan in the first May Day parade I participated in - 1948. Of course
    anyone can be for
    jobs and most of us want to avoid war if possible. The theme of the 1948
    May Day
    parade was stopping America's efforts to prevent Stalin from marching all
    over Europe.
    "We don't want another war" - its slogan - meant we don't want Harry
    Truman's Cold
    War against the Communist conquest of Eastern Europe.
    The Communist left also opposed "American militarism" in the 1930s to
    prevent the
    West from stopping Hitler. Their tune changed of course when Hitler
    attacked his ally,
    the Soviet Union, in 1941. The Communist "New Left" also opposed the
    Vietnam War,
    not because it opposed war, but because it wanted the North Vietnamese
    Communists to
    win. The success of the anti-Vietnam left resulted in the deaths of two and
    a half million
    people in Indo-China who were slaughtered by the Marxists after the "peace
    forced America's withdrawal.
    The real meaning of slogans like "Jobs Not War" is that America is the axis
    of evil that is
    plotting war. That the "greatest terrorist state" in the world, in Noam
    Chomsky's words
    is the USA. We are the Great Satan and we deserve to be attacked. This is
    the real
    message of the so-called peace movement, often covertly and disingenuously
    expressed. But it is its message nonetheless. It is a movement of by and
    for America's
    enemies within.
    The fact that a movement of America-hating communists, who regard their own
    as the enemy and who sympathize with America's terrorist adversaries should
    be able to
    marshal 100, 000 activists is a cause for concern. The communist New Left
    left was not
    able to organize such large demonstrations in support of the Communists in
    until the draft was instituted in 1964. We have no draft in this country
    now. The size of
    these demonstrations is a reflection of the growth of a treacherous
    radicalism in this country that has no Communist Party per se, but is just
    as dedicated to
    America's destruction. The fact that the new technologies of war make it
    possible for
    terrorist groups both foreign and domestic to inflict enormous damage on
    democracies like ours, and that our borders are porous and our security
    wanting, underscores the daunting dangers posed by this internal threat.
    That the desire to hurt this country and its citizens is uppermost in the
    protesters minds
    was manifest in their reactions at the Washington march. According to the
    Los Angeles
    Times the demon singled out by the demonstrators for the greatest
    opprobrium was
    Attorney General John Ashcroft - the man responsible for the security of
    300 million
    Americans: "The most unpopular figure of all appeared to be John Ashcroft,
    the U.S.
    attorney general. The mere mention of his name prompted boos to swell from
    the crowd,
    followed by semi-obscene chants." The hatred of John Ashcroft reflects the
    demonstrators' hatred for the American government and for the ordinary
    whom our government protects. Their agenda is to weaken America's defenses
    within. The question is: will we let them?
    David Horowitz is the author of numerous books including an autobiography,
    Radical Son, which has been described as "the first great autobiography of his
    generation," and which chronicles his odyssey from radical activism to the
    positions he holds.

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