[sixties-l] Re: the real heroes

From: Grover Furr,Fastmail (furrg_nj@fastmail.fm)
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 10:35:37 EDT

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    Bill Mandel wrote:

    > The preeminent heroes, to me, are the German
    > nuclear physicist, Fuchs, and whoever else transmitted American nuclear
    > data to the USSR, saving the world from the consequences of absolute
    > monopoly of that weapon by a government whose object is clearly to rule
    > the world.

    I agree 100%. Giving the USSR -- "Stalin", if you will -- the A-bomb was
    loyalty to the working class of the world.

    Strange that so few people on the left are willing to say so, or to
    accord respect to these Soviet spies.


    Grover Furr
    Montclair SU

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