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    Einhorn murder case goes to jury


    Oct. 16, 2002

    His attorney suggested that Holly Maddux's body was planted at Einhorn's
    home. A prosecutor scoffed at the idea.

    By Jacqueline Soteropoulos
    Inquirer Staff Writer

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    Defendant Ira Einhorn cries as he reads from his diary Tuesday.

    Ira Einhorn's attorney suggested to a jury today that his client's
    establishment enemies may have disliked him enough to plant Holly Maddux's
    mummified body inside his Powelton Village apartment.

    "The mere fact that Holly's body was found in Ira's closet is just a piece
    of circumstantial evidence," William Cannon said during closing arguments in
    Common Pleas Court.

    Cannon said that in the fall or winter of 1978 - while Einhorn was living at
    Harvard University - someone could have wrapped Maddux's corpse in a rug,
    used the keys found in her pocket to enter the Powelton Village apartment,
    and placed her body in Einhorn's steamer trunk inside a closet.

    But in his arguments, Assistant District Attorney Joel Rosen called Cannon's
    theory "ridiculous."

    "It's so laughable, it's so ludicrous, it's so outrageous - you should be
    offended by it," Rosen told the jury during the 13th day of Einhorn's trial
    in the murder of his girlfriend in 1977.

    "Twenty years he's avoided justice. Twenty years the victim's family has
    been waiting for a trial, for a verdict. I ask you for justice in this
    case," Rosen told jurors. "The defendant is guilty of murder in the first

    The six women and six men on the sequestered jury deliberated for about an
    hour before retiring to their hotel. They are scheduled to resume
    discussions tomorrow.

    In 1993, a jury took about two hours to convict Einhorn in absentia of
    first-degree murder. The Pennsylvania legislature granted Einhorn this
    unprecedented second trial to secure his extradition from France.

    If convicted of first-degree murder in this case, Einhorn will receive an
    automatic life sentence.

    Some of Maddux's siblings - who have been steely and determined through a
    four-year extradition battle and the long days of trial - became emotional
    during Rosen's powerful 90-minute summation.

    Rosen led the jury through Einhorn's history of violence toward women,
    evidence of his domination of the 30-year-old Maddux, and how the blond
    Texan was killed by six or seven powerful blows to the head.

    "I don't often let myself consider everything at once - everything he did to
    her, everything we've been through," Elisabeth "Buffy" Hall later told
    reporters, her voice thick with emotion. "It brings it all back."

    On a giant projection screen, Rosen reviewed photographs of the black trunk
    in Einhorn's closet, where investigators made the grisly discovery in 1979.

    Another photograph showed Maddux's body curled into a fetal position in the

    "Look at how the body exactly, exactly, exactly fits into the contours of
    the trunk," Rosen told the jury.

    Her frozen position - and the stains on the trunk, rug and floor below -
    proved that Maddux's body was placed inside before decomposition and
    mummification, Rosen said.

    And the date of the newspaper on top of her body, which was enlarged for all
    in the courtroom to see, was Sept. 15, 1977 - four days after Maddux was
    last seen alive.

    During lengthy testimony Monday and Tuesday, Einhorn denied abusing or
    killing Maddux.

    Cannon told the jury that during that era, his client had a certain
    "mystique" in Philadelphia as a leader of the counterculture movement.

    "He was a radical. He did things differently than other people. He did
    things differently his whole life. That's why he's Ira Einhorn," Cannon

    "There were people who simply didn't like Ira Einhorn. People who were
    capable of doing something about it. People, I would suggest, who did do
    something about it," he said.

    Cannon accused the District Attorney's Office of "shopping around" forensic
    evidence in the trunk until they got the results they wanted. He also said
    former prosecutors handling the case hid information that three witnesses
    saw Maddux alive in 1978.

    That, Cannon said, is why his client fled the country in 1981 on the eve of
    trial and remained on the run in Europe for two decades.

    But Rosen said that the three eyewitnesses were mistaken, and that Einhorn
    fled the country when the defense's own forensics experts generated reports
    unfavorable to Einhorn's case.

    Using the words from Einhorn's own daily journals, Rosen emphasized the
    violence when the man who called himself "the Unicorn" was rejected. He said
    Einhorn went into a jealous rage and killed Maddux because she made plans to
    be with another man and to start a dressmaking business.

    " 'Violence always marks the end of a relationship,' " Rosen recited to the
    jury from the diary. "These aren't my words, ladies and gentlemen; they're

    Outside Common Pleas Court, standing in the rain, Maddux's brother and three
    sisters reflected on the 25 years since their sister vanished and Einhorn's
    lengthy flight to avoid trial.

    "We only wish our parents were here with us to witness this, and we feel
    that in a sense they are," John Maddux said.

    Hall added: "Holly was in that room today. This was finally our opportunity
    to present what this did to Holly, and by extension, what it did to us.

    "I miss her."
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