Re: [sixties-l] We are part of the problem

From: Carrol Cox (
Date: Wed Oct 16 2002 - 09:28:59 EDT

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    TODD JONES wrote:
    > I hope we, on the sixties list are not immune to self criticism.
    > Two years ago, a number of us on this list argued in support of voting for
    > Ralph Nader (even thought that would probably help elect Bush) by arguing
    > that "There was no real difference between the candidates. "

    The last time I voted for a presidential candidate was in 1964 -- when I
    voted straight DP as I had in '52, '56, & '60. It is fairly obvious that
    there will never be an effective mass movement of the left with any
    staying power until the grip of the DP over progressives is broken.

    I will cast a blank ballot in '02 and '04 unless there is a visible
    second party on the ballot with a principled opposition to all foreing
    adventures of the U.S.

    My argument for voting for Nader (where it was possible) was that it was
    a way widely scattered progressives could say hello to each other across
    the nation. That reason still holds.

    A vote for the DP is a vote for endless war with different rhetoric.

    Carrol Cox

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