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    Ira pal remembers '70s


    Harry Jay Katz partied with a 'smelly' Einhorn, and shared many of the same
    female conquests

    Oct. 09, 2002

    AS FORMER hippie-guru Ira Einhorn finally gets the murder trial he had
    eluded for 20 years, Harry Jay Katz, the Philadelphia party animal who
    palled around with him in the shagadelic '70s, leafed through some old
    Einhorn letters, sighed and said:

    "If you gave this stuff to a bunch of psychiatrists and they read it, they'd
    say, 'This guy is one sick s---.' "

    Einhorn reviewed books for Katz's entertainment weekly, "ELECTRICity" in
    1980-81, before avoiding trial in the killing of girlfriend Holly Maddux by
    going on the lam for 20 years.

    But as Katz leafed through the neatly hand-printed letters and reviews that
    Einhorn had mailed him from Canada back then, he made it clear that Einhorn
    was more pal than pundit.

    "We both loved to f--- shiksehs [non-Jewish girls]," Katz said,
    "particularly shiksehs whose families would plotz [bust a gut] if they knew
    their daughters were f------ Jewish guys. We both went after society women
    because they were hot, they were beautiful and they were shiksehs.

    "And because Philadelphia is a small world, Ira and I dated a lot of the
    same women. The trouble was, Ira smelled. I'll tell you how bad he smelled.
    You know how you'll have a bunch of guys over, order hoagies with raw
    onions, and leave the leftover hoagies out all night? You come down the next
    morning and that smell hits you? That's how Ira smelled. So if I had a date
    with a woman who had dated Ira, the first thing I'd do is, I'd throw her in
    the tub and tell her, 'Soak.' "

    Katz, who smells good, chose an Aug. 7, 1980, Einhorn letter from Canada and
    read from it in deep, melodious tones.

    "One complaint - I'm getting a bit tired handling 3 women," Einhorn wrote,
    "so if your lovely wife would release you for a while I sure would
    appreciate some friendly male help."

    Katz chuckled and chose a July 24, 1980, letter from Cape Breton Island,
    Nova Scotia.

    "We're ensconced in a 5-room cabin by a stream surrounded on all 4 sides by
    very green wooded hills... coldest June in record... nothing but fog and
    rain... However, the indoor sports flourish in such an environment and we
    are taking full advantage of the opportunity. I'm glad I brought my
    illustrated 'Kama Sutra' with me."

    As twilight gave way to night, Katz paused in his reading of the letters and
    gazed out a rear window at the large decoy doe laying on its side in his
    lush East Falls back yard.

    He reminded himself to stand the faux-doe upright in time to spend the
    evening watching the neighborhood's trophy bucks - "Ten points, 12 points,
    whatever," Katz said - mounting their artificial sexual partner.

    "Night after night the same bucks hump her," Katz said, raising his
    prominent eyebrows in amazement, shaking his head. "I mean, they never
    figure out that she's not real."

    In a sense, Katz said, neither was Einhorn. "You guys created Ira," Katz
    told a reporter and a photographer. "The press wrote that Ira invented Earth
    Day. Ira didn't invent Earth Day. Ira would hug a tree, the press would go,
    "Look at that! A Jewish guy hugging a tree! That's fabulous!' Next thing you
    know, Ira invented Earth Day."

    The night before he "took off" for 20 years, Katz said, Einhorn asked his
    fellow-swinger for advice.

    "He said to me, 'Harry, what do you think?' I told him, 'Ira, I think you're
    a middle-aged, hairy, smelly Jewish hippie with dirty feet, and they say you
    killed a blonde-haired, blue-eyed shikseh former cheerleader. Zay gezunt.
    ["Stay well; goodbye."] Take a hike, Ira. You're f---ed.' "

    After a 20-year hike, Einhorn was caught in France, extradited and is
    standing trial for murder.

    "Back in 1981, he didn't plead insanity," Katz mused. "If he had, with all
    the drugs he took, he might have gotten off. As many cheeseburgers as I've
    eaten in my life, Ira's eaten that many Quaaludes. I've got to say he's one
    bright guy. But not that bright - because he got caught."

    Before going out to tend to his fallen decoy-doe, Katz shared one final fond
    memory from the girl-crazy years. He's 61 now, married but still partying
    nightly. Einhorn is 62 and will soon be on the stand, fighting for his life.
    But back in the '70s, Katz said, life was one simple, sexually charged

    "We'd all hang out together - Ira, myself, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg,
    Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, once in a while Isaac Asimov. Wearing our
    dashikis. Talking about transcendental meditation. I didn't understand
    transcendental meditation. I had no idea what they were talking about. And
    Ira didn't know s---. All Ira wanted to do is get his photo in the paper and
    get laid. That's all any of us wanted to do. And we did."

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