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    UC counterculture guru Norman O. Brown dies


    Oct. 07, 2002

    SANTA CRUZ - Norman O. Brown, a UC Santa Cruz professor whose writings
    emphasizing creative freedom and rebellion influenced the counterculture
    movement of the 1960s and 70s has died. He was 89.
    He was a former humanities professor at UC who retired from teaching in 1981.
    His books "Life Against Death" and "Love's Body" sold widely and drew large
    audiences to the school for Brown's weekly lectures.
    "Life Against Death" was a Freudian interpretation of world history, and
    "Love's Body" was a collection of short essays, aphorisms and meditations.
    Brown studied classical literature at Oxford University and got a doctorate
    in classics at the University of Wisconsin. He began teaching at Nebraska
    Wesleyan University and worked for the Office of Strategic Services during
    World War II.
    After the war, he taught classics at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and
    at the University of Rochester. He joined UC Santa Cruz in 1968, when it
    Brown was greatly influenced by Karl Marx, but later grew disillusioned and
    was then influenced by Sigmund Freud.
    Brown, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, is survived by his wife, four
    children and five grandchildren.

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