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    Mitchell slates music Industry


    15 October, 2002

    Veteran singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell has hit out at the music industry,
    saying she is "ashamed" to be part of it. The 58-year-old folk rock
    artist, who releases her new album Travelogue next month, told American
    magazine Rolling Stone that she may stop recording altogether.
    "I just think it's a cesspool," Mitchell said of the music business.
    "I would never take another deal in the record business, which means I may
    not record again, or I have to figure out a way to sell over the internet
    or do something else."
    Mitchell also hit out at MTV, complaining that her three-year-old
    granddaughter is already imitating dance moves she sees from the videos
    shown on the music channel.
    "It's tragic what MTV has done to the world," Mitchell said.
    The Canadian artist is known for her outspoken opinions and has in the past
    contemporary music as "appallingly sick, with boring chord movement and bad
    And holding up Bob Dylan and herself as the standard for songwriting, she
    has slated Sting,
    Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow, all of whom have admitted to being big
    fans of hers.
    The musician, once described by her friend David Crosby as being "about as
    humble as
    Mussolini," has also attacked David Geffen, the head of her former label
    Geffen Records.
    She accused him of never paying her any royalties.
    Mr Geffen responded by saying that her albums never sold enough copies to
    cover the advance payments she received from him.
    Mitchell, who was born Roberta Joan Anderson, is one of the most respected
    artists of her
    generation, with a career in the industry spanning 35 years.
    Her biggest hit in the UK was Big Yellow Taxi, which reached number 11 in
    1970. Her albums
    include 1971's Blue and the jazz-influenced Court And Spark, released in 1974.

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