Re: [sixties-l] this speech by Ellsberg says it, I'm afraid

From: William Mandel (
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 01:46:14 EDT

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    Vanunu is certainly a hero. The preeminent heroes, to me, are the German
    nuclear physicist, Fuchs, and whoever else transmitted American nuclear
    data to the USSR, saving the world from the consequences of absolute
    monopoly of that weapon by a government whose object is clearly to rule
    the world.
                                                            William Mandel

    > Mordechai Vanunu is the preeminent hero of the nuclear era. He is the
    > one
    > who consciously risked all he had in life to warn his own country and
    > the
    > world of an existing, ongoing addition to the nuclear dangers of the
    > era

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