[sixties-l] text for radicals too to send, in whole or part

Date: Sat Oct 05 2002 - 21:37:13 EDT

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    The phrasing may not be the most radical, but maybe it gets the point
    through. Can be used in whole or part for sending to

    Please use your enormous responsibility and power to oppose any resolution
    that would give this administration more war powers than it already has or
    any authority to "pre-emptively" attack Iraq (or anywhere else). As Senator
    Byrd so eloquently quoted Abraham Lincoln, the lodging of war powers in the
    legislature is our defense against dictatorial, arbitrary, or deceptive use
    of wars by tyrants claiming "to protect" their people. Keep the tyranny from
    happening here. Keep America from entering a war that will further ruin her
    Keep America from starting what is likely to become the nuclear holocaust she
    fears. Keep America from inaugurating officially "pre-emptive" wars that
    could become a model for other nuclear-armed nations such as Pakistan,
    Israel, or China. Keep America from, contravening and destroying
    international law, the United Nations, the cooperation needed to fight
    Keep America from sending her young people to fight and die in a ghastly
    immoral war in pursuit of oil and power. Keep America from entering on a "100
    years' domination" policy that will, at best, drain our resources, and at
    worst destroy the world we know.
    Keep America from becoming a more hated name than Nazi Germany. Oppose the
    Bush Administration's pretense of safeguarding us through insane war.

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