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Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 06:06:27 EDT

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    Dear All,
    I know many of you have already gotten this message but it's absolutely
    crucial to take action NOW. This is a toll-free way to halt the war powers.
         Coming soon! Invitation to my Oct. 11 Going Away Party. I hope you can
    make it.
                                  Yours, Darien

    Sen. Robert Byrd (W.Vir.) is considering a filibuster against the war
    resolution of the Administration (and Dem leadership). His office is taking a
    poll on whether he should do this. Senator Feinstein is also being pressured
    to join the filibuster.

    Please call Sen. Byrd and Sen. Feinstein (1-800-839-5276) and ask them to
    filibuster the war resolution.

    Also,do you have any friends, acquaintances, relatives, business
    associates in West Virginia? Please email or call them right away.

    You might also call Sen. Boxer (same number) and ask her to support
     a filibuster.

    We need to swamp these offices to urge them on.

    A filibuster may be the only impediment to the war plans and it may spark
    demonstrations of support in DC and around the country.

             \..__!_ ..***...====/...++!==!++...\=====...***.._!__../
             ! Contact Congress, the media, and the White House !
             ! today! Say NO to sweeping war powers for the White !
             ! House. Oppose President Bush's War Resolution! !
             ! support Barbara Lee's Peaceful counter resolution! !
             ! = = = !
             ! Not by our hands will we supply weapons and funding !
             ! for the annihilation of families on foreign soil. !
             ! Not by our mouths will we let fear silence us. !
             ! Not by our hearts will we allow whole peoples !
             ! or countries to be deemed evil. !
             ! Not by our will and not in our name. !
             ! We pledge resistance! !
             ! ... Another world is possible, and !
             ! We pledge to make it real. !
             | (from www.notinourname.net) |
             | conjoin@california.com - 845-3737 - Darien De Lu |

    fyi - senator@boxer.senate.gov

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