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    Jamil is in a nearby Elmore County awaiting arraignment in Montgomery this
    coming Tuesday, October 1. Why would they want to try him on any other
    charges, you may ask. He's already facing life without parole. The answer
    (via Hakim, a Muslim cleric who has seen Jamil and is in touch with him) is
    that his appeal in Georgia is looking good. In the light of that the
    government is moving on charges around the events in White Hall earlier
    this year.

    He'll be arraigned at the Montgomery Federal Courthouse, probably at around
    3:00 in the afternoon, in Judge Cooty or Cootie or Coody's courtroom.

    Rap would like as many of us as possible to be there on Tues. at the
    arraignment, so if you are near enough to Montgomery to get to the Fed.
    Court House you can email me for more precise info.

    IF they keep him in Montgomery after the arraignment, he can have visitors,
    but no earlier than Saturday. The regulation is that he has to be there for
    seven days before he can have visitors. Saturday is visiting day.

    The trial is supposed to be in late December on the charges they will bring
    against him here.

    Rap's spirit is still alive and well. During the booking the judge read him
    the charges and told him he had the right to remain silent. Jamil stood
    there quietly and didn't say anything. The judge was taken aback and asked
    him if he understood the charges being placed against him. Rap told him
    "Yes," saying that question was contradictory, because the judge had just
    told him he had the right to remain silent.

    More later.

    Linda Smith

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