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    Human Rights Activists to Protest Hoover Name at FBI
    U.S. Newswire
    28 Aug 12:37

    Martin Luther King III and Human Rights Activists Petition
    Attorney General to Drop Hoover Name from FBI Building

    To: Assignment Desk, Daybooks
    Contact: Rev. E. Randel T. Osburn, 404-659-7253
    Sam Riddle, 303-246-0409
    both of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

    News Advisory:
    Today marks the 39th anniversary of the historic civil rights
    March On Washington.

    Martin L. King, III, President of the Southern Christian
    Leadership Conference (SCLC), an organization co-founded by his
    father, will join other human rights advocates including world
    renown activist Dick Gregory and deliver a letter to Attorney
    General Ashcroft calling for Ashcroft to support their effort to
    remove J. Edgar Hoover's name from the FBI building.
    "We must not ever forget the March on Washington and Dr. King's
    'Dream' that has become the goal of civilized people the world
    over," said Gregory.

    "August 28, 1963 was the day the world received the vision that
    keeps people working for justice around the world," said the
    younger King.

    King and Gregory will hold a 2:30 pm press conference today in
    front of the Justice Department and initiate the first in a series
    of prayer vigils aimed at dropping J. Edgar Hoover's name from the
    building. The drive to drop Hoover's name is motivated by
    revelations about Hoover's "dirty tricks" and unconstitutional
    tactics against King and others that have come to the public eye
    since the naming of the building.

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