[sixties-l] Port Huron Statement -- bibliography

From: Michael Rossman (mrossman@sbcglobal.net)
Date: Sat Aug 24 2002 - 14:52:20 EDT

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    Dick Flacks and Tom Hayden deserve thanks for their warm, rich
    memorialization of the Port Huron Statement. Yet their memories are at
    fault in a bibliographic detail: They say, "the statement was never
    marketed or even reissued as a book. It was produced only as a
    full-sheet mimeographed pamphlet in 20,000 copies, which sold for 35
    cents." The first printing was indeed of this quantity, and
    mimeographed. The second printing was again of 20,000 copies, but was
    printed by offset, in smaller format (wraps, with cover, side-stapled),
    by SDS in 1964. The third printing by SDS was in the same format, in
    1966; I don't know the quantity, but I expect this was at least as large
    as previously. The Stgatement has since been reprinted, with some
    introductory matter, by Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company in 1990, in
    both hard and soft cover. For such details and availability, one may
    check my favorite used-book-reference site at <http://www.bookfinder.com>

            Michael Rossman

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