Re: [sixties-l] war threats

From: drieux (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 10:04:02 EDT

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    On Friday, August 16, 2002, at 09:00 , Ron Jacobs wrote:

    > Although this is not directly linked to the sixties, i believe it is
    > important to get it out to as many places as possible in the hope this
    > nonsense can be stopped.
    > -ron jacobs

    actually this is rather dead in the middle of the list's
    basic play space - since Sen. Lott's blithering defense of
    the President's ready made 'no knock' war warrent is almost
    a verbatum plagarism of under secretary of state Nicholas Katzenbach's
    testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, August 1967....

    What complicates the debate a bit here is this small technical problem
    about not only how we declare war, but also how do we declare peace.

    As some will recall here - Nixon finally stopped the bombing of
    south east asia - not with the recinding of the Gulf of Tonkien
    Resolution - but when congress finally passed a measure to unfund
    any futher bombardment. This is a part of the still ongoing debate
    about whether or not we have ever actually ended the war with
    Iraq - even if the CNN coverage has gone away.

    One would hazard to think that given a congress so bent upon
    impeaching and convicting a president, that congress would have
    heeded the words of Fulbright from the Gulf of Tonkien Debates
    and impeached clinton for the continued bombing of Iraq - even
    though, well "everyone knows" that 'we won'...

    Even Ron Jacob's article speaks of a 'singular' bounded war
    against Iraq - in spite of the fact that the house armed
    services committee was holding open 'persian gulf war era veterans'
    long into the 90's - because the troop deployment and the bombings
    have all been part and parcel of the whole 'cease fire agreement'
    that included the destruction and inspection of "weapons of mass
    destruction" - a point that has been the haggling bit about when
    we get to 'closure' on that contract and finally 'declare peace'.

    Where this becomes massively comical of course is when we were
    told back in 1991 that we were again past the 'vietnam syndrome'
    and then again after the troops embarked upon the grand naval
    blockade of Afghanistan.... where in august we were again informed
    that an american grunt died of wounds from a firefight... in what
    so many forget is the ongoing war in afghanistan - again, after
    the CNN news crews, and Geraldo Rivera has left.

    That we find the political marriage of the Ron Jacobs and the
    scowcroft's reaching across the political spectrum to ask,

            uh dudes, is it really worth it to go to war?

    both sides are spacing out

            uh dudes, how do we end the war with iraq we are still in?

    So yes, It is probably pleasing to hear that Ron Jacobs is
    in bed with Gnewt Gingrich and Pat Buchannan in opposition
    to the current 'win one for the gipper'.... the question of
    course is why, nearly a year after 9/11 we still have not
    seen an activation of the selective service, or the start of
    a war bond drive to raise the money for the war that clearly
    we are in - since the government has started interning americans
    as 'enemy combatants' for the 'duration of the war'....



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