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    On Monday, August 5, 2002, at 10:18 , Ted Morgan wrote:

    > In the interest of making a left perspective more accessible to
    > mainstream America (and this video is a must-see, especially with the
    > forthcoming war!),
    > At Free-Will, we wish to thank again Ralph Cole and all the many Justice
    > Vision subscribers who have supported our work by ordering copies of our
    > "Hidden War of Desert Storm" doc. and of our new 8 1/2 hour-interview and
    > footage compilation ( ). Copies of the previous
    > announcements and ordering info are pasted at the end of this message. We
    > are making good progress in the editing of our current documentary on
    > "Plan Colombia" thanks to your help and we will let you know as soon as
    > copies are available, most probably by early September.


    ok, I know I am slow - but does it cover such trivial
    details like the fact that we were still bombing iraq
    while most of the 'media circus' debate was on about
    the 'air war' over serbia to 'protect' kosovo....

    and that the last i had checked a few years ago - the
    house armed forces subcomittee's web-site was still holding
    open the 'gulf war era' token - in much the same way that the
    vietnam era vets run right up to the 'fall of saigon' in '75....

    Which, ironically, as I noted to my vet brothers gives us:

    > assuming that we can believe the liberal media
    > reports about former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott's
    > commentary about the president has all the authority to
    > do what he needs to do to win the war against evil...
    > and/or invade iraq - doesn't the former Senate Majority Leader
    > have an obligation to at least footnote that he is repeating
    > verbatum the argument and assertions of former under secretary
    > of state Nicholas Katzenbach's testimony before the Senate
    > Foreign Relations Committee, August 1967....
    > or worse yet, does this forbode the new and improved
    > Tet 68 redux??? and will americans still stand behind
    > the president or once again force us down the path of
    > the nixonites and the defeatist cause of abandoning our
    > glorious and valiant allies to the dark slavery of the
    > monolithic international konspirakii of evil doers...

    It's been somewhat ironic, that at about the time that one
    of my 'anti-war leftist' friends from SF was getting to the
    place where he considered himself wrong for protesting american
    involvement in the 'opening stages of the gulf war' - that i
    had to point out to him that we have not ended the 'gulf war'.
    The media just went home - and congress went back to the game
    of bombing by funding measure.

    Given that some of the trendoids of the left have started to
    talk about 'the afghanistani war' - in the past tense - as if
    it were over - one does hate to be annoying and ask:

            so if the DOD just released that we lost another grunt,
            who died of wounds in a fire fight in late july, is that
            a 'died in the war' case???

    I can appreciate that with everyone so eager to jump in bed
    with the bush administration it is hard to pause long enough
    to ask the question:

            "are we there yet?"

    or are we in the 'afghani quagmire' and it is just another typical
    case that since the nice white boys from the burbs are not in play
    that it's not really a problem....

    I mean if this were a draftable war - then the Bill O'Reilly's
    of Fox News fame would be finding a way to hold their 2-S deferments,
    right next to the Gingriches, and the other fortunate son's who's
    daddy's would have to get them out of harms way....

    So while they are chatting on about all of this 'ground breaking'
    insight - are they rude enough to point out that the War With Iraq
    is still on going and about to take over as the longest running
    'not really a war' - a title once held by the 'greatest generation
    ever' who either fought in vietnam, or fought about being in vietnam,
    or who fought for their political futures about which policies they
    mostly thought they sorta held....



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