Re: [sixties-l] The Orwellian State Again

From: drieux (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 08:28:32 EDT

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    > Here is some more data on the Orwellian State --Stew
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    > Big Neighbor is Watching
    > by Stew Albert


    I guess the really interesting question is

            what does it mean that the republican dominated house,
            the party of Nixon, the party that 'opened communist china',
            opted against TIPS????

    Does this mean that the GOP is, as so many have feared, a
    party of 'anti-military', 'anti-war', 'draft dodgers' who
    are so unwilling to 'do what must be done' to win the
    war against evil doers????

    Here we have a government headed around the

            fortunate sons

    children who's parent's "cared enough" to actually
    arrange the effective draft dodge for him, rather than
    leaving him to work out for himself whether he should
    stay, and go to jail, flee to canada, or go underground
    and 'join the revolution'.... It's so good to know that
    their parent's cared enough to give them a well rounded,
    and well grounded, understanding of 'true patriotism'....

    Or is this sort of 'crisis of faith' more of the same
    old american

            Collective Rugged Individualism

    that helped turn the 'sixties' into a marketable fad,
    that has shown some resilience as a 'retro thing' to boot?

    You know - the cool bit about selling first 'the pet rock'
    as we crawled into the economic duldrums of the seventies,
    and then, well that 'beyond "it's a wonderful life"' S&L
    fiasco-ism of the 80's, the whole economic go-go of the 90's!

    Or maybe the more important part of that process, the transitioning
    of the rubik's cube from an obscure reference in journal's like
    the scientific american into one of the most trendy of chic fad
    toys that just everyone had to have. Never mind that it meant
    licensing 'technology' from 'the communist bloc'.... Who cares
    about the technical wizbang mathematics stuff about 'field theory',
    there was 'money to be made'....

    Hey, not unlike what they did with the "universal turing machine",
    that allowed everyone to own their own personal computing platform
    all managed by Microsoft Corporation's Operating Like Systmes....
    Except of course for the loonie anti-biznezz types who keep
    supporting the escaped corporate mutant OS that leaked out of
    the Military Industrial Super Secret Labs of AT&T's "bell labs"....

    Ah yes....

    What a 'beautiful mind' that allows americans to not really
    both themselves with the 'technical mathematical bits' - as
    would get Nash his Nobel Prize, as long as there was a buck
    to be made in the process for enough folks.... and/or someone
    got a really cool screen play out of it.

    But wasn't that a part of the whole dialectical tension of

            Easy Rider

    two cool cats with a whole bunch of dope to hawk? You know
    proto-corporate executives who would need to 'restate earnings'
    at some point in the process....

    Why if we allowed 'TIPS' to go running amuck, who knows what
    would happen.... People might want to turn in Sen. Kerry for
    avoiding his patriotic duty of actually getting a real live
    'declaration of war' out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
    so that we as a nation would have a clear, clean, and constitutionally
    mandated document to rally around during these grave and unfortunate times.

    Or worse yet, turn in the president, for spacing out that we would
    no longer play that 'gulf of tonkien resolution' game....

    But that way would only play into the hands of those who want to
    run the government like it were a business, with proper accounting
    standards, and personal responsibility, and financial prudence...

    You know, those "Fifties Retro" look things....



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