[sixties-l] Re: US hegemony hawks and market

Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 05:31:53 EDT

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    Wallerstein's point that the hawks are trying to resurge a fading U.S.
    hegemony is a good one, and may well be an awareness reflected in the fading
    stock market. You may have caught the ex-pres. adviser on Nightline this
    evening saying big business types he'd been speaking with expect the market
    to drop to 6000-7000 for who knows how long--which, from a high of
    what?11,000-12,000? certainly sounds like a Great Depression. So one question
    is how far the hawks will go on what seems to them a necessary path (hey,
    deflecting attention from Bush/Cheney's insider trading connections can only
    help Wall St., yes?); which would seem to mean a war, which, without
    supportive allies or internal enthusiasm, would have to be won quickly--and
    how would that be? Which gets into nasty scenarios indeed. The N word and the
    like. I know we like to think this is just "worst-case scenario" and the
    like--but considering how close Nixon came with Vietnam, "Gee Henry maybe we
    better just nuke'm then" or whatever the exact words--and Bushney's rhetoric,
    that's not clear.

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