[sixties-l] Re: Howard Zinn, Camden, and now

Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 19:44:52 EDT

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    Thanks to Howard Zinn for that description of the Camden trial. It brought
    tears to my eyes, though I've heard--and offered--more sixties memories than
    is necessarily productive. And real hope--like, oh my God, yes there was a
    time when people stood and sang, together against the war. People, I fear Mr.
    Bush soon needs an "incident" to go his next phase; and I fear, too, what
    plans for smallpox vaccination imply--because it's hard to think a nation
    without vaccines would spread such a deadly airborne disease. It's a moment
    we need every bit of hope to continue fighting this growing war--I remember
    how helpless we felt in, say, 1965, and this is worse. So thank you, again.

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