[sixties-l] Political Prisoner Richard Williams needs your assistance

From: Ron Jacobs (rjacobs@zoo.uvm.edu)
Date: Mon Jul 08 2002 - 13:45:19 EDT

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    >>Dear Comrades, Friends and lovers' of liberty,
    >> My father, U.S. political prisoner Richard Williams (10377-016 at
    >> U.S.P. Lompoc) has been singled out by attorny general John Ashcroft and
    >> Kathleen Sayyer of the federal bureau of prisons, to die of the heart
    >> disease "Ventricular Fibrillation". Richard is being held in absolute
    >> segregation at U.S.P. Lompoc, and is being denied adequate medical
    >> treatment and excersize. We need your help!
    >>Richard has not violated a single prison regulation/rule in years, yet he
    >>has spent 7 of the last 9 months in solitary and segregated confinement.
    >>He suffers from "Ventricular Fibrillation"; as a result, he had a heart
    >>attack earlier this year and experiences constant problems with his legs.
    >>(If you haven't heard already, or would like more information on the
    >>conditions of his imprisonment since Sept. '01 -,please write me: Netdahe
    >>Williams, PO Box 160, Johnson, VT 05656). Prison and government officials
    >>deny that his specific and torturous treatment are retaliation for the
    >>political nature of crimes committed 20 years ago, but theygive NO OTHER
    >>EXPLAINATION in its stead. Please demand an explanation - Richard
    >>Williams' life depends on it!
    >>Richard is only allowed out of his single cell when he is shackled, and
    >>accompanied by two guards and a lieutenant. So what happens in the event
    >>of a medical emergency, like another heart attack? What happens if a
    >>lieutenant is not, or chooses not, to be available to bring Richard to
    >>the prison's medical facilities? We have been told they will "figure
    >>something out". Here is what that "something" is:
    >>On Friday June 21, 2002 Richard experienced pain in his limbs,
    >>symptomatic of a coming heart attack. A prison doctor was sent to his
    >>cell; without examining, or even touching, Richard, the doctor left
    >>saying he was fine. Richard was then informed of a new prison rule
    >>whereby he must fill out a new form in order to see the doctor again. The
    >>pain persisted and he filled out the form Sunday June 23. No doctor came.
    >>The pains persisted and on Monday June 24 when Richard requested another
    >>form, he was told "they had run out of forms". I spoke with my fatheR
    >>that Monday evening by phone, and he had still not been examined by a
    >>Again, Richard has not committed any act of violence in 10 years at
    >>U.S.P. Lompoc, yet since the Fall of last year he has been deemed too
    >>high a security risk to be imprisoned with the rest of the prison's
    >>population. He is somehow too high a security risk to be allowed a full
    >>visit with his children! And he is apparently too high a security risk to
    >>be afforded medical treatment for a heart condition that is cap~ble of
    >>taking his life!
    >>John Ashcroft and Kathleen Sawyer don't give a shit about you or me
    >>individually, but they are afraid of us as a whole. We can, with our
    >>combined voices, force them to take baby-steps toward humanity. That's
    >>why I'm writing you this letter. This is a call to action! Please help
    >>save Richard Williams' life! Please pick up a pen and demand that Richard
    >>be put back in general population. Ask some questions, and demand that
    >>Richard receive proper medical treatment. Put this letter in your local
    >>paper; get your family doctor to ask folks in D.C. what's going on - and
    >>then go tell a friend! My most sincere thanks goes out to you for caring
    >>about my father's life, and consequently your own. After all, with the
    >>government's war on civil liberties -we are all next on Ashcroft's list!
    >>Stick together, Struggle together! AMANDLA! ! !
    >>Where to write:
    >>John Ashcroft, Attorney General of US, 950 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.,
    >>Washington D.C. 20530-0001. Email; <mailto:web@usdoj.gov>web@usdoj.gov
    >>Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, Director Federal Bureau of Prisons, 320 First St.
    >>N.W., Washington, D.C. 20534. Tel:(202) 307-3198.
    >> Congresswoman Lois Capps, 1428 Chapala St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
    >> Tel:(805) 730-1710.
    >>Richard has asked that we not bother writing the warden at U.S.P. Lompoc,
    >>as he believes the whole matter is above/ beyond the Warden's head/power.
    >>Please write to your own local government repressiontitives. If you would
    >>like to send your concern, love, shout-out or a good paper-back history
    >>book to Richard, then contact him: Richard Williams #10377-016, 3901
    >>Klein Blvd. Lompoc, CA 93436

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