[sixties-l] Re:The Devil and Mr. Hicks

From: Frank Smith (fsmith@kanokla.net)
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 02:27:01 EDT

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    Dear '60s editor,

    I've just finished, "The Devil and Mr. Hicks "How one of L.A.'s leading
    lefties joined forces with David Horowitz and
    Southern California's conservative elite" by Marc Cooper May 24 - 30, 2002
    posted on the '60s list.

    It needs to be put into some kind of perspective. One assumes, from years
    past, that Marc Cooper of KPFK and the Nation might be able to deliver some
    kind of critique from a non-doctrinaire left. But Cooper, particularly in
    his odious efforts to support ceding control of the Pacifica network to
    corporatism, has become a bit of a reflection of Horowitz and Hicks himself.
    Cooper's personal attacks are more restrained perhaps than the slathering ad
    hominem attacks on ancient lefties of Horowitz, but they are base all the
    same. For instance, I just read the following statement, printed in an LA
    Weekly "rebuttal" to a critique of Cooper by Ed Herman: "Too bad that
    Herman, who once had something to say, has become a mumbling sectarian
    reduced to publishing on z-net..." Checking Amazon, it appears that Herman
    publishes a book about every two years, besides his many commentaries on
    Z-Net and other publications. But Cooper seizes the opportunity to not only
    trash Herman, but to throw a spear at Z-Net, which critized Cooper's
    execrable behavior toward KPFK/Pacifica listeners who valued democracy at
    their station.

    Finally, the Cooper piece contains an almost grudging admiration of Horowitz
    who has to be one of the most successful and loathesome harlots in American
    politics. I happened to look up a story about a murder in Wichita today,
    and was not surprised to see Horowitz's Frontpage comments about it
    mirroring those of four other websites a search turned up, all neo-Nazi
    organs. "By their friends..."

    Frank Smith

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