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Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 09:42:27 EDT

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    First of all Karenga was not a Panther, he was a member of US which was a
    nationalist group in LA. US members were convicted of killing two Panthers
    at UCLA Bunchy Carter and John Huggins. Karenga now teaches at UCSD and is
    head of the African American Studies (name? ) program. He is also famous
    for inventing Kawansa which is now popular all over the US as an African
    American celebration in either Dec. or Jan.
    Last month while attending the Socialist Scholars Conf in NYC I attended a
    work shop that only Karenga showed up and the rest of the panel missed so I
    got to hear him speak for about an hour. AT the end of the panel during the
    question period I asked him to give me his version of the shoot out at UCLA.
    I videoed the entire 10-15 min response which I hope to write up at some
    He discussed his version of the history between the Panther and US which I
    found to be very interesting. He said he was present during the shoot out
    which was the first that I had heard of that.
    While indexing 350,000 cointelpro fbi docs I found an affidavit from an FBI
    informer Dartha Parry (spell?) who had infiltrated the Panthers , who was
    also present during the shoot out. He said immediately after the shooting he
    saw two FBI agents , one of who was the agent he reported to getting into a
    car at UCLA after the shooting. This always made me wonder why the FBI
    agents allowed US bros who did the shooting escape, why they did not do
    anything to stop it.
    Hey, Jama give me a call . Uhuru I want to buy your book. I read part of
    the rough draft and it is an excellent history of not only the Panthers but
    also of New Haven. Can you send me the name of the book and the publisher
    Great work.
    Roz Payne

    In a message dated 5/22/02 5:10:13 PM, Michael Wright wrote
    << Paul Mulshine, writing for Horowitz' online journal, has said that
    Panther nemesis Ron Karenga was convicted of felonious assault
    for having tortured two women whom he named as "enemies."

    Mulshine's article is here:


    Are there any other sources which can confirm this information about

       -- Michael Wright

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