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Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 03:24:52 EDT

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    I am equally impressed. And I'd like to go on being. That's why I wrote
    what I did.
                                    William Mandel

    nagy wrote:
    > I'm not sure if Rabbi Lerner was at the huge demonstration, but he and Prof.
    > Cornel West of Harvard led a demonstration against the injustice of U.S.
    > foreign policy with it's blank check for man of "Peace" Sharon in front of the
    > State Department a week before the primary demonstration. I am impressed by
    > Lerner's backing for the 455 IDF reservists who have made public their refusal
    > of orders to go to the Occupied Territories. If memory serves, it was similar
    > reservists and their supporters who finally ended Sharon's war in Lebanon in
    > the early 1980s.
    > Tom Nagy
    > member, International Association of Genocide Scholars
    > >===== Original Message From William Mandel <> =====
    > >I agree, although I'm not crazy about Michael's focus on people who can
    > >give substantial sums of money. I've attended a number of his meetings
    > >at his home. It is regrettable that he did not take his movement into
    > >the huge demonstration in Washington a couple of weeks back.
    > > Bill Mandel
    > >
    > > wrote:
    > >>
    > >> It is an absolute disgrace to this list that it is distributing this
    > >> Horowitz-spawned piece of garbage. Michael Lerner like all of is not
    > perfect
    > >> but he deserves much better than this.
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