[sixties-l] right wing words on BPP 35 reunion

From: RozNews@AOL.COM
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 16:03:35 EDT

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    Someone wrote that they were tired of the right wing words on the Black
    Panther Party sent by
    << From: radtimes <resist@best.com> >>
    Well, Im not. Radtimes sends in material that I would not be able to search
    out myself and keeps me inform on many subjects . This is not a left wing
    list or a right wing list it is a Sixties list.
        I was present at the Black Panther 35 Reunion and presented a work shop
    on Cointelpro , as I had read and made an computerized index to 350,000
    documents from the FBI counter intelligence program against Blacks,
    including the Panthers.
    I also gave testimony for several Panthers that were not present. I had
    choosen specific documents about the absent people to present at the
    personal testimony part of the conference
    I am grateful to "Radtimes" for sending in written material by writers sent
    to the conference by Horowitz to as I had not seen them. I was able to pass
    them on to other Panthers to read and to respond to.
    It was interesting to see how full of bull shit , prejudice, snotty, and
    self serving the reports were.
    I was glad to see what Bobby Seale said about Betty Van Pattons death. Where
    Horowitz gets confused is that he thinks and says All Panthers are
    murderers, gangsters etc. It is like lumping all Jews as money hungry and
    killers of Palestinian babies. It's not logical to comdemn all people of a
    group for the actions of one or a few.
    There were some amazing workshops at the 35 reunion of the Black Panther
    Party and I hope someone writes them up. My best, Roz

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