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    Subject: U.S.-made bomblet kills boy and woman in Vietnam

    April 2002: U.S.-made bomblet kills boy and woman in Vietnam

    Reuters. April 22, 2002

    HANOI -- An 11-year-old boy and middle-aged woman were killed and three
    people hurt when a U.S.-made bomblet left over from the Vietnam War
    exploded at the weekend.

    An official of the People's Committee of Ky Son district in the
    province of Nghe An told Reuters the boy had picked up the small bomb
    and it exploded when he dropped it walking to his home on Saturday

    "He thought it could be a toy, so he took it home and accidentally
    dropped it," said the official, who did not want to be identified.

    The explosion killed a 45-year-old woman standing nearby with a child
    her back, who was injured. A female teacher and her child were also

    The official said four secondary school pupils were killed five years
    ago in a similar accident in the same district.

    "There are still many bombs left from the war in the area, although
    engineers have checked many times," he said.

    Explosions of ordnance from war that ended in 1975 kill and maim dozens
    of people each year, many of them children.

    Many of the injuries are caused by anti-personnel cluster bomblets that
    were dropped in large numbers by U.S. forces and designed to resemble
    tropical fruits like guavas or pineapples.

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