[sixties-l] panther tapes 35 reunion

From: RozNews@AOL.COM
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 19:07:13 EDT

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    I gave the morning workshop on Cointelpro at the 35 Reunion of the Black
    Panther Party reunion. Iam wondering if it was my work shop that
    Christopher Chow recorded.
    If so I don't mind that it was recorded, but he never asked me if it would be
    ok to record it. I would like to have a copy of the tape if he is on this
    list or if anyone knows him. I thought the reunion was excellent, amazing,
    one of the most important events I've attended in years and hope to write up
    something at some time. I now remember why I liked the Panthers, and they
    are even better now that they are 35 years older. My best, Roz Payne

    Christopher wrote
    <<<took my bag, and confiscated my tapes of conference sessions.
    On Saturday, April 20, I attended two panel sessions at the Black Panther
    Party's 35th anniversary reunion. The morning event focused on the FBI's
    Counter Intelligence Program (Cointelpro).>>>

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