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Date: Tue Apr 16 2002 - 20:54:59 EDT

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    Get over it, Radosh! Just because you sold your ass out and even if Jane Fonda has compromised herself, doesn't mean that the context of what she said and did is forgotten by everyone. In all the concern for American POWs during the Vietnam War, what is forgotten is, among other things, the following. (1) Vietnam was an undeclared war. The pretext for it, the "domino theory" or that South Vietnam had been "invaded" by North Vietnam were simply not true. And the immediate incident that supposedly legitimized US intervention, the Gulf of Toinkin incident, was largely fabricated. (2) The United States and its allies engaged in systematic murder and torture of NLF and North Vietnamese POWs. (3) Jane Fonda's acts were political. They were part of an antiwar movement, which was engaged in stopping an illegal, incredibly vicious, murderous war. (4) It is absolutely true that the US Government might well have lost a case against Fonda in its own courts. We can be thankful for that.

    Finally, let me quote one of the "Founding Fathers" (Patrick Henry, I think): "If this be treason, let us make the most of it."


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