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Date: Fri Apr 12 2002 - 11:53:22 EDT

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    > The recent suicide bombings by young Palestinians inside Israel remind me
    > of something written about by Huey Newton, founder of the Black Panther
    > Party in the 1960s. Newton coined the term, "revolutionary suicide,"
    > referring to the need for Black people oppressed by racism and poverty to
    > risk their lives for the people, for positive change, by standing up to the
    > police and repressive government. He positively contrasted this with the
    > behavior of those who essentially chose what could be called "reactionary
    > suicide" through drug addiction, criminal activity and the like.

    Ted's description of Huey Newton's notion of "Revolutionary Suicide" needs a
    bit of expanding. For Huey, Revolutionary Suicide was as much a spiritual
    notion as a practical guides to tactics. Although evoking death it was also
    about a lifestyle in which the revolutionary didn't have any ego needs
    outside the needs of the people. In a sense, it was the selfish ego that
    died. Of course, Huey believed that someone who lived so selflessly was a
    candidate for actual death -- but his emphasis was on revolutionary life. By
    way of background, Huey was very much into the study of Zen when he developed
    these ideas.--Stew

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