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    Check out the University of New Mexico campus paper for a couple photos (you
    will have to go to a second page for the other photo) and not much of a
    story on our action yesterday where seven people chained themselves to
    Texaco gas station pumps to call for an end to the genocide against

    We did this action at 7am to hit the morning rush hour traffic at a key
    interstate intersection. The tv stations did show up and do a brief live
    cut in to their morning programs. We had the whole station shut down with
    large banners reading, Stop Israeli Terror, No Blood for Oil, Free
    Palestine. The seven chained them selves in pipe sleeves and I stood
    chained to a pump.

    The local media did not give us much coverage and the campus paper is the
    best so far.

    We can supply digital film and video if someone can give us a feed site.

    Bob Anderson

    Robert L. Anderson
    1867 Tramway Terrace Lp NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87122

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