[sixties-l] Re: Ronald Radosh & Jane Fonda

From: Frank Smith (fsmith@kanokla.net)
Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 04:35:16 EDT

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    So, the whining Radosh has a 35 year old problem with Jane Fonda, as he has
    with virtually every American leftie for the past 50 years. BFD. He needs
    to get a life. Here's an excerpt from a review of his book, by the way,
    from his old college paper:

        "In Radosh's autobiography, the name dropping never stops - nor do the
    attacks on old comrades. The author is especially tough on [Pete] Seeger,
    whose greatest crime appears to be the consistency of his commitment to
    peace and social justice causes. Radosh simply cannot understand why the
    singer "never seemed to become disillusioned" with the left-wing ideals.
        This says more about Radosh than it does about Seeger. To Radosh, the
    only honest response to revelations about the God that failed him - Soviet
    Communism - is bitter disillusionment. His is an "I'd rather switch than
    fight" politics, and he is furious with those who accepted that Stalin was a
    bad guy, got over it and continued to campaign for the very American goals
    of racial equality and economic democracy."


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