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Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 17:19:16 EST

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    Israeli Defense Minister

    1) Updates: Ramallah and Bethleham
    2) Further updates via Allegra Pacheco (including phone numbers of Israeli
    commander in Ramallah):
    3) URGENT UPDATE - House to house searches, Detainment and Executions
    4) Live Report from Ramallah, Palestine: The Israelis Took Over My House
    6) Contact information for US, UN, European Union, Canada (CONTACT EARLY AND


    From: Huwaida Arraf <huwaidaa@yahoo.com>
    Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 03:15:14 -0800 (PST)
    Subject:Updates: Ramallah and Bethleham

    Update: Ramallah

    - Volunteer medic Netta Golan is riding with ambulances in the Ramallah Tahta
    (lower) area. She helped retrieve the two bodies that international civilians
    saw brought into Ramallah hospital earlier. She says that there are two more
    bodies that they cannot get to.
    - She observed soldiers conducting house to house searches and for people who
    did not open their doors they were broken down and she saw soldiers entering
    firing upon Palestinian civilians.
    - Soldiers are holding Palestinian men on their knees and an Arab source (who
    must remain unidentified) says that the men are being divided into two groups:
    one group to be arrested and one group that is being summarily executed.

    Update: Bethleham

    Our mayor has just announced that we expect invasion within the next hour.

    12 to 15 APC's [Armored Personnel Carriers] and tanks are now at the Bethlehem
    checkpoint and one busload of soldiers. The soldiers are not allowing press to
    enter at gunpoint.

    check http://jerusalem.indymedia.org for updates and details

    For more information contact (from US, first dial 011):
    Witnesses on the ground in Ramallah:
    Arabic / English - Huwaida 972 2 052 642 709
    French - Claude 972 2 055 559 145
    There are German and Italian speakers available as well

    Witnesses on the ground in Bethlehem:
    (for international dialing drop the 0 before the phone number)
     From United States:
    English - Heather 011 972 (0) 67 270 398
    English - Georgina 011 972 (0) 55 840 767
    Arabic/English - Bilal 011 972 (0) 52 814 992
    Italian - Francesca 011 39 3389 77 3899
    There are French and Swedish speakers available as well

    From: Huwaida Arraf <huwaidaa@yahoo.com>
    Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 10:24:49 -0800 (PST)
    Subject: Arrest Update: Please help!

    Ten international civilians and three Palestinian medics have just been
    arrested and taken to the Beit El Israeli Military compound. Among the arrested
    is Jose Bove.
    We need your help to flood the Israeli authorites with demands for justice.
    Please call Peter Lerner the Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson and demand
    that the civilians and medics be released immediatly and Israeli agression
    against Palestinian civilians and medics cease.
    Call and voice your protest!

    phone: 00972 2 997 7017
    mobile: 00972 (0) 56 234 090
    fax: 00972 2 997 7339

    The Israeli Commander of the Ramallah district

    phone: 00972 2 997 0461
    mobile: 00972 (0) 54 240 303

    From: "bzu information officer" <webinfo@birzeit.edu>
    Subject: Women's Dormitory Runs out of Food and Water Supplies
    Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 20:40:31 +0200

    Women's Dormitory Runs out of Food and Water Supplies
    March 31, 2002
    The 12 female students stranded at the women's dormitory in Ramallah – Qasr El
    Hamra – have run out of food and water
    supplies. The Red Cross was able to bring them some bread and a few cans of
    food to last them one day. There is no electricity in the dormitory, and the
    students cannot leave the building to go pump water manually from the wells as
    the tanks of the Israeli occupation forces are stationed exactly in front of
    the dormitory. University officials are trying to get the help of the Red Cross
    to get them out of the dormitory and transfer them to a safer place.
    For further information about Birzeit University, you can contact us at
    webinfo@birzeit.edu or visit the University website at
    Birzeit University

    From: "Palestine Monitor Alquds" <palmon@upmrc.org>
    Subject: Imminent Humanitarian Crisis as Israel Re-Occupies West Bank -
    Internationals Take Action in Ramallah
    Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 18:10:35 +0200

    The Palestine Monitor, A PNGO Information Clearinghouse
    Imminent Humanitarian Crisis as Israel Re-Occupies West Bank: Internationals
    Take Action in Ramallah
    March 31st 2001

    As the Israeli army starts it process of reoccupation, they are creating a
    humanitarian crisis. The main problem is a lack of water as water tanks have
    been destroyed and the main water supply cut, electricity and telephones have
    also been cut, the injured and ill are unable to receive medical care, and food
    is in short supply. The assault on medical services continues, with instances
    of medics being arrested and beaten on the street. Meanwhile the Israeli
    soldiers continue their massive scale house-to-house
    searches detaining men, destroying personal property and terrorizing the
    civilian inhabitants - nine Palestinians have thus far been executed. As the
    plan to re-occupy is carried out, the assault on Palestinian infrastructure
    continues ­ both at the PA and civil society levels. The Ramallah Municipality
    has been attacked and burned, as have the Chamber of Commerce building, Al-Amal
    Rehabilitation Center, and others. This morning the Human Rights Organisation,
    Al Haq, was invaded; currently the army is
    invading Ramallah hospital.

    Furthermore, in an attempt to prevent information about events on the ground
    from being reported, members of the press are being deliberately impeded from
    working. The situation is dire - the Israeli army is carrying out a war
    against the Palestinian people. Sharon is implementing complete occupation of
    the West Bank, and it is probable that these criminal actions will continue for

    Word has just reached us that 40 members of the Grassroots International
    Protection for Palestinians (GIPP), including nationals of France, Italy and
    Ireland, have managed to enter the PA headquarters (the ‘Muqataa’) and refuse
    to leave. This means that whatever happens to Mr. Arafat will also happen to
    them. 15 other internationals have joined medical teams and are moving around
    the town protecting the medical teams as they provide medical assistance.

    Palestinians are calling for more people to come to Palestine as volunteers as
    we anticipate that the events occurring in Ramallah will also happen in other
    Palestinian areas.

    For more information contact Juliana at The Palestine Monitor, 011 972 (0)2

    Allegra Pacheco is a prominent Israeli human rights attorney. Note the phone
    number of the Israeli military commander in Ramallah. Call him directly.--BT

    From: "allegra pacheco" <allegrapacheco@hotmail.com>
    To: wthomson@umich.edu
    Subject: Re: Update - Solidarity Members Detained by IDF /Bethlehem tonight
    Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 16:08:21 +0000

    Please post:
    Twenty of the interntional solidarity members and four Palestinian medics who
    entered Arafat's compound this afternoon, were detained by the Israeli army
    (IDF) on their way out. The IDF has offered to release the international
    delegates but it is insisting to continue to hold the Palestinian medics in
    detention. The solidarity members have refused to leave until the IDF releases
    the entire party including the medics.

    Here is the phone number of the IDF Commander for the Ramallah area (from the
    Mobile: 011-972-54-240-303
    Voice your protest to him personally.

    About 400 IDF soldiers and 40 armoured personnel carriers were seen amassing at
    the main checkpoint (Gilo/Tantour) to Bethlehem and several hundreds more at
    the DCO office in Beit Jala. Apache helicopters flew over the city for a short
    period. Bethlehem residents are expecting the Israeli army to invade tonight

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